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J36 Tuesday 12th April 2016

Posted Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 12.05pm

A Busy day at J36 with More sheep forward

A slightly smaller entry of prime lambs this week than the previous week at J36. The 31 forward sold to an active ring of buyers with a market average of 232ppk. John Geldard of Low Foulshaw topped at 250ppk. The top price of the day was heavy weight Charolais lambs from John Stott of Crosscrake.
TOP PRICES - Char: £106 & £102 Kingsland; £100 & £99 Low Foulshaw Farm. Dorset: £104 (twice) Skiddaw View. Hamp: £102.50 Endmoor Farm. Texel: £82 Cockrigg Farm.

A bumper entry of prime hoggs forward today with over 800 being sold. The trade was in line with other markets as the national average has dropped and many companies also dropping their deadweight prices. Good quality hoggs continue to sell in excess of 200ppk topping at 225ppk from J Woodburn & Partners of Ulverston with plenty of other pens of well fleshed Continental hoggs selling in excess of 200ppk. Heavy weight hoggs were back on the previous markets as seen at other centres topping at £103 for Beltex's from the Thompson Family of Poppy Farm. Hill breeds sold well, Mule hoggs sold to £83.50 from DC Miller of Cobble Hey with Swaledales from the same home selling to £77.50.
TOP PRICES - Beltex: £103 & £100 Poppy Farm. Suff: £90 Cobble Hey Farm; £88.50 Fellside Farm; £86 Mansrigg Hall; £81 Broomfield Farm. Texel: £97 Mansrigg Hall; £93.50 Hill Top; £91 Mansrigg Hall; £87 Mint Close. Cont: £70 Tarnside Farm. Mule: £82.50 Cobble Hey Farm; £79.50 Low Oaks; £76.50 Tarnside Farm, Netherhouses Farm; £75.50 Fellside Farm; £73.50 Millbeck, Hazelslack Tower. Swale: £77.50 Cobbley Hey Farm; £72 Fellside Farm; £69.50 Moss House Farm; £67 Eskew Beck. Rough Fell: £73 Lambrigg Head Farm; £70.50 Tarnside Farm; £67 Moss End Farm; £66 Millbeck. Char: £76 Harbarrow Farm; £73 Hazelslack Tower Farm, Charley Crag Farmhouse. Chev: £78.50 Tarnside; £77.50 Stoney Gill; £76 Harbarrow Farm; £74 Mansrigg Hall, Millbeck; £73 Nibthwaite Grange. Dales: £72.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Grit: £76.50 Millbeck. Herd: £65.50 Moss End Farm; £61 Tongue House.

The largest entry of sheep with lambs at foot of the season with a packed ringside of buyers and on-lookers with a brisk trade throughout with all pens well bid on. Buyers continue to look to purchase families with strong lambs, buyers slightly cautious of young lambs. Trade topped at £180 for Pure Texel ewes with twin lambs from John Young of Lindale. Mule ewes and twins sold to £168 from I & P Brown of Ravenstonedale. Ewes with strong twins regularly selling in the mid fifties per life. Texel ewes with strong single lambs sold to a top of £142 from M Gibson of Mouse Syke. Strong ewes with strong single lambs achieved £130 plus. Tuesday 19th April 2016 is the Show and Sale of Ewes and Shearlings with lambs at foot.

The monthly sale of all classes of pigs saw prime pigs top at £120 for a pen of 5 smart white pigs from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Prime pig trade a little easier in comparison to the last sale, however, all classes competitively bid for. Store pigs sold to £68 for 7 nice hogs from Karl Sweeting, Mansriggs. The next sale of prime pigs will be Tuesday 26th April. Please note, the May sale of all classes of pigs will be held a week later than advertised, on Tuesday 17th, due to the Hogg and Lamb Show and Sale.

A bigger entry of Cast Sheep at J36 saw 403 pass through the ring with a 100% clearance. Texels sold to £107 from S & B Capstick, Old Hutton, with very best sorts in excess of £98. Suffolks sold to £98 from AR Gornall, Crosthwaite. Mules topped at £88 from J Scott & Co, Cark-In-Cartmel, best Mules over £80 with others a touch less £71-£79. Horned sheep saw Roughs to £76 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton and Swales to £75 from RM & D Dixon, Longsleddale.
TOP PRICES - EWESDorset: £86 Warth Sutton; £79 Hallbeck; £76 Skiddaw View; £73 Marsh House. Suffolk: £98 Gilpin Green Farm; £92 Overplains; £89 Mansrigg Hall; £88 Hazelslack Tower. Masham: £85 Cobbley Hey Farm; £81 Lundholme Farm. Mule: £88 Middle Birkby; £85 Bull Bank; £84 Headless Close; £81 Hazelslack Tower, Netherhouses Farm, Garnett House. Swale: £75 Well Foot; £70 Longwell; £69 Cobble Hey Farm. Rough Fell: £82 Mouse Syke; £76 Cockrigg Farm; £73 Riddings; £71 Lambrigg Head. SBF: £52 Riddings. Char: £87 Middleshaw Hall; £87 Poppy Farm; £67 High Underbrow Farm. Chev: £78 Cobble Hey Farm; £75 Green Lane End; £73 Kate Farm; £70 Hazelslack Tower. Texel: £107 Low House; £98 Brow Head; Riddings; £98 Mouse Syke; £90 Gilpin Green Farm. Lleyn: £94 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leic: £66 Garnett House; £60 Well Foot. Dales: £37 Braida Garth. Herdwick: £55 Tilberthwaite; £46 Moss End Farm; £43 High Low Wood. Beltex: £81 Storth End Farm; £78 Moss House Farm.
RAMS – Suffolk: £70 Hazelslack Tower. Rough Fell: £80 Moss End Farm. Texel: £90 Kirket Nook; £75 Wray Farm. Char: £91 Poppy Farm; £90 Kate Farm; £80 Kirket Nook; £75 Wray Farm; £74 Cinder Barrow. Herdwick: £63 Tilberthwaite. Swale: £69 Mouse Syke; £66 Eskew Beck; £61 Braida Garth.

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