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J36 Thursday 14th April 2016

Posted Thursday, 14 April 2016, 2.14pm

J36 had forward an entry of 141 Store Cattle. Leaner store cattle would be slightly cheaper than a fortnight ago, but good younger cattle were still keenly bid for.
Top Prices
Yearling Store Bullock – Lim: £950 Meadow View. Hereford: £940 & £820 Crabtree. Blonde: £900 Causeway. Cont: £900 Low House. Lim x: £870 & £820 Meadow View. Parthanaous: £810 Meadow View.
Yearling Store Heifers – Lim: £840 & £800 Hollin Hall. Blonde: £830 & £810 Millbeck. Cont: £820 Bramaskew. BRB: £790 Middle Birkby. Lim x: £770 Causeway. AA: 790 Capplerigg.
Young Bulls – Friesian: £570 Carter House. AA: £400 Railway Cottage.

Had 30 Cast Cows. A plainer entry of cast cows forward today. Buyers were looking for more fleshy types.
Top Prices – Lim: 121.5p/kg & 117.5p/kg Singleton Park. South Devon: 111.5p/kg Stribers. AA: 107.5p/kg Stribers. Holstein Friesian: 105.5p/kg Middle Birkby. British Friesian: 119.5p/kg Hillam House.

As spring draws ever nearer and many people finish lambing, there was a busier ring of buyers today with fresh faces around making beef calves a noticeable dearer trade on a day and many more beef calves could have been sold to vendors advantage, more beef calves on milk are needed week on week. A strong Black & White trade for an entry of better quality calves. Beef calves topped at £385 for British Blue heifers with cow making potential from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall with others to £380. Month old Limousin bull calves from the Robinson Family of Strickley sold to £330 twice with young beef calves regularly towards £300. Better types of Black & Whites over £100 topping at £120 from HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Trees with young dark rearers selling around the £80 mark. A small selection of stirks saw Angus Bulls from RJ & J Gardner of Natland Mill Beck selling to £490 with seven month old Black & White bulls selling to £300 from Messrs Strong of Penrith.
Top Prices
Bull Calves – Lim: £330 Strickley. BRB: £200 High Foulshaw. Fr: £120 Elm Tree; £115 High Barnes; £80 Beck Side; £70 Toadpool. Shorthorn: £90 Strickley. Stab: £190 High Foulshaw.
Heifer Calves – BRB: £385 Flodder Hall; £280 Cinder Barrow; £220 High Barnes. Lim: £250 Strickley.
Bull Stirks – AA: £490 Natland Mill Beck. Fr: £300 School Hill.

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