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Lancaster Monday 7th March

Posted Tuesday, 08 March 2016, 3.57pm

Prime Hoggs

A good trade for prime hoggs at Lancaster with over 500 forward selling to a market average of 187ppk. Plenty of pens of continental hoggs well finished selling around 200ppk, with hoggs topping at 210ppk for Charollais from P Lawrenson and Son of Walmsley Fold. The trade topped at £107 for heavy weight hoggs from Paul Greenhalgh of Cockerham. Mule hoggs sold to £94.50 from J Bargh & Son with Horned hoggs selling to £82 for Swaledales from WI & A Atkinson & Son of Holme House Farm.

Cast Sheep

Less numbers forward this morning, trade topped at £103 for a Texel tup from T Ayrton & Sons, Over Wyresdale. Ewes sold to £92 for Texels from BD Wood, Out Rawcliffe. Mules sold to £69 from J Bargh & Son, Heaton. Hill bred sheep to £42 for a single Swale from WI & A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale.

Breeding Sheep

A larger entry of sheep with lambs at foot today with over 100 being sold. Sheep sold to their value with a few buyers noticeable missing due to the traffic. Buyers looking for strong lambs and are still very cautious of young lambs due to the unpredictable weather. Aged mule ewes with twins sold to £168 from DC Miller of Cobble Hey with these families regularly selling in the mid £160’s. Texel ewes with good single lambs sold to £130 from the same home.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £107 St Dalmas; £96 Inverbervie; £94 North Farm. SUFF: £96 Cocker House Farm; £93, £90, £88.50 North Farm; £79.50 Newton Villa. MULE: £94.50 North Farm; £82 Low Moor Head Farm; £78 Springs Farm. CH: £93.50 Inverbervie; £92.50 Walmsley Fold. CHEV: £87 North Farm; £85.50 Parks Farm Barn; £72 Bibbys Farm. SWALE: £82 Holme House Farm; £75 Yates Farm. DALES: £80 Fell End Farm. CONT: £60 Yates Farm.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £103 Yates Farm; £92 Middle Ridge Farm; £90 St Dalmas. CH: £78 Moss Side Farm. MULE: £54 Cocker House Farm; £52 Lee End Farm; £50 Throstle Grove Farm. SUFF: £54 Lyndale Farm; £50 Cocker House Farm. CONT: £45 Middle Ridge Farm. SWALE: £42 Holme House Farm.

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