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Lancaster Monday 14th March 2016

Posted Monday, 14 March 2016, 4.16pm

Monday 14th March 2016

Prime Stock & Breeding Sheep at Lancaster

Sheep with Lambs at Foot sell to £185 a family

Prime Hoggs

The trade for prime sheep had strengthened all week with buyer expressing plenty of interesting for today’s sale with many more could have easily been sold to vendors advantage with all vendors leaving chuffed with their trade. An overall market average of 192ppk with a SQQ average of 195ppk. Plenty of pens of continental hoggs selling around the 200ppk. Hill hoggs saw mules sell to £87 from JA Bargh and Son of North Farm. Pens of Scottish black face hoggs from WM Pye Jnr of Tarnwater regularly sold around 200ppk.
Lucy Blades of Hill Top Farm, Arkholme is doing a charity Sky Dive on 2nd April raising money for Rosemere Cancer Foundation. A texel prime hogg was donated to the cause sold for £100 to Alam of Lancashire Direct. Donations will be gradually received.

Cast Sheep
A lift in cast ewe trade at Lancaster, sees ewes sell to £100 for Texels from PD Anderton, Scorton, and other Texels sold in the mid to late Nineties. Mule ewes sold to £88 for a pen of 6 from A &FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel, others to £86 from LA Bradshaw, Stalmine, with all forward to average £79.14. Horned sheep to £50 for a trio of Swales from Paul & Raymond Ayrton, Over Wyresdale. All ewes forward averaged £66.

Breeding Sheep
There was another strong number of sheep with lambs at foot forward with 50 families forward. More buyers and on lookers today as spring moves ever nearer and the weather begins to improve. Buyers looking to purchase families with well grown lambs, with Texel ewes and twin lambs selling to £185 from J & A Heaps & Son of Burns Farm with other mule and continental ewes with strong Texel twin lambs achieving £170. Mule ewes with younger twin lambs sold between £145 and £150.

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £100 Hill Top; £97 Gibsons Farm; £93 Corney Hill Farm. SUFF: £94 Parks Farm Barn; £92.50 North Farm; £92 Maddison Avenue. CH: £92 North Farm; £90 Burnt House; £89.50 Walmsley Fold. CHEV: £86.50 North Farm; £78 Tarnwater Farm. DORS: £85.50 Corney Hill Farm. LEI: £85 Ouzelthorn Farm. MASH - £82 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE: £87 North Farm; £87 Low Moor Head; £86 Sykes Farm. SWALE: £80 Ouzelthorn Farm; £80 Sykes Farm; £76 Cobble Hey. MULE: £78.50 Cobble Hey Farm.RGH: £75 Sykes Farm. SCO: £85.50 Tarnwater Farm.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £100 Wyre Farm; £97 Stirzakers Farm; £93 Jacksons Farm.; CONT: £89 Middle Lee Farm. MULE: £88 Yeat House; £86 Moss House Farm; £79 Low Moor Head Farm. DORS: £70 Corney Hill Farm. SWALE: £50 Yates Farm; £32 Thornbush Farm. HRN: £32 Lowcroft.
SHEEP & LAMBS – TEX: £185 Burns Farm; £175 High House Farm. MULE: £175 Burns Farm; £152 Knowsley Farm; £145 Birks Farm.

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