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Lancaster Friday 18th March

Posted Friday, 18 March 2016, 2.51pm

Store Cattle

The declining deadweight prices are currently having a knock on effect in the live ring as buyers sheds are full and finished cattle are struggling to get cashed in. Topping the sale was a pair of Blue Bullocks from R Capstick, Fell End. Angus cattle sold to £1210 for bullocks from D & N Davis, Nateby. Heifers to £1140 for a British Blue from SJ Brass, Ingleton. Friesian cattle to £1080, again from D & N Davis. Younger summering cattle sold well, with 8 month Charolais from FK & F Woodhouse, Scorton realising £920.

Cast Cows

Not quite as many forward this week with 80 going through the ring, selling to a good trade throughout. Top gross came from RH & C Ayrton, Abbeystead with a Limousin Cow realising a total of £1125. Dairy cows sold to 129.5ppk from JM & A Wallbank, Wray and Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack. Dry cows and feeding cows will be wanted next week for the Bank Holiday sale.


A poor show numbers wise matched with a ringside of active buyers led to a fast trade for all. Blues sold to £360 for an 8week heifer from TD & V Whitaker, Winmarleigh. Angus bulls sold to £325 from JM & MH France & Son, Littledale. Montbelliardes to £230 from JR Pye, Stalmine and £220 from JK Birkett, Morecambe. No black and white calves forward to mention, more needed to fill buyers requirements.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1270 Fell End Farm; £1260 Benson Hall; £1160 Church Farm. SIM: £1230 Daniel Fold Farm; £1170 Rye Close; £1000 High Green. CH: £1230 Rye Close; £1160 Elmridge Farm; £1120 The Bungalow. AA: £1210 Cragg Farm; £1180 Benson Hall; £1140 Underhelm Farm. BAZ: £1180 Oak Head Farm. BA: £1100 Daniel Fold Farm. LIM: £1100 Daniel Fold Farm; £1090 Wyre Farm; £1090 Moss View. HE: £1050 New Parkside Farm; £1040 Windy Hill Farm; £960 Longlands Farm. FR: £1080 Cragg Farm; £930 Spital Farm; £900 Low Levens. WB: £1030 Bouthwaite Farm. MON: £1000 Northwoods Farm.
STORE HEIFER – BRB: £1140 Church Street; £1110 Beaumont Gate; £1020 Foredales Farm. AA: £1040 Snub Snape Farm; £1040 Holme House; £1040 Croppers Farm. SLR: £1040 Snub Snape Farm. LIM: £1040 Croppers Farm; £1030 High House; £990 Bouthwaite Farm. CH: £1090 Beckside Farm; £1090 High House; £1050 Elmridge Farm. SIM: £960 New Parkside Farm; £940 Beaumont Gate. HE: £930 Bouthwaite Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £360 Park Lane Farm; £260 Bank End Farm.
BULL CALF – AA: £325 Newhouse Farm; £200 Birkland Barrow; £140 Bank End Farm. BRB: £225 Bank End Farm. MON: £230 Hatters Farm; £220 White Lund Farm.

CAST COW – LIM: 184.5 Ouzelthorn Farm; 124.5 Friars Moss. BRB: 167.5 Low Hall Beck. FR: 129.5 Park House; 129.5 Strickland Hill; 119.5 Higher Broomfield. SIM: 119.5 Parkside Farm. AA: 114.5 Farleton House. MON: 104.5 Lane House.
CAST HEIFER – AA: 151.5 Parkside Farm. FR: 124.5 Ravenscar. SIM: 107.5 Bank House Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 114.5 Fanny House Farm.
CAST BULL - MO: 117.5 Lane house Farm.

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