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Lancaster Friday 11th March

Posted Friday, 11 March 2016, 4.34pm

Store Cattle

A mixed show of stores forward this morning, both the big and the young cattle sold to a strong trade, however the in between sorts were a fraction easier on the week. Topping the sale was regular vendor H Chapman & Son, Middleton with a pair of 22month Charolais to £1290. Angus bullocks sold to £1180 on four occasions, from D & N Davis, L Parsons & Son, EJ Ward & Sons and J & H Davis. Heifers sold to £1160 from C Hayhurst, Chipping with a nice Charolais. Native heifers to £1100, again from EJ Ward & Sons.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

Another good show of cast cows and OTM cattle forward at Lancaster today, numbers are still coming forward with 131 passing through the ring and 100% clearance being achieved. Top gross overall came to £1224 for a Limousin Bull from PA & D Slater, Barnacre. Dairy Cows came to a top of £857 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cockerham. On the whole a similar trade for dairy cows on the week with the best sorts 115-118ppk, topping at 121.5ppk on two occasions from K, SD & JA Ward, Arkholme and JH Parker, Slaidburn. As deadweight prices begin to take a drop, vendors are urged to forward cattle to the live ring to achieve the best possible trade for your cattle, “Sell live and thrive”.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

Plenty of quality beef and Black and White calves forward this morning with buyers present for all classes. Topping the calves was a smart Angus Bull from R Capstick & Sons at 6weeks, realising £380 with other Angus Bulls to £330. British Blue bulls sold to £325 from J & G Thornley, Kirkham, whilst heifers sold to £280 from RT Halhead, Cockerham. Blue heifers in strong demand, averaging £273 with an average age of 40days. Limousin calves sold to a fast trade also, with JH Towers selling Lim Bulls to £315 and heifers to £290. Black and White calves dearer this week, best sorts £100-£105, topping at £122. Nice rearing calves between £58 and £80 dependant on size.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1020 Low Levens; £900 Thornton Barn Farm; £890 Downlands Farm. AA: £1180 Cragg Farm; £1180 Low Levens; £1180 Intack Farm. SHO: £1000 Cook Hall Farm. LIM: £1270 Millbeck; £1230 Weavers Farm; £1160 High Green. CH: £1290 Millbeck; £1200 Elmridge Farm; £1160 Elmridge Farm. HE: £1110 Thornton Barn Farm; £930 Hoskingshire Farm; £820 Croft House. ST: £1160 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1000 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £1280 Weavers Farm; £1110 Abbotson Farm; £1030 Thornton Barn Farm. MO: £960 Billinge Hall Farm; £870 5 Kenlis Road.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1100 Intack Farm; £1060 New Parkside Farm, £1040 Windy Hill Farm. SHO: £ 950 Bouthwaite Farm. LIM: £1060 Howriggs; £1000 Mill House Farm; £1000 Thornton Barn Farm. CH: £1160 Elmridge Farm; £1060 Cross House Farm; £1000 Elmridge Farm. HE: £870 Hoskingshire Farm; £860 Thornton Barn Farm. SIM: £1100 11 Kimberley Avenue; £1090 Thornton Barn Farm. BRB: £1090 Kendal Hill; £980 Cross House Farm; £980 Wilson House Farm.

CAST COW – FR: 121.50 Pain Hill; 121.50 Higher Broomfield; 117.50 Higher Broomfield. AA: 111.50 Fell End Farm. LIM: 124.50 The Old Mistle; 114.50 Fell End Farm. BS: 107.50 Walkers Ith Fields; ST: 117.50 Park House Farm; 114.50 Park House Farm. MO: 114.50 Conventry Farm. SRW: 94.50 Sandvilla. BLO: 104.50 Fell End Farm; 101.50 Fell End Farm.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 149.50 Pilling Hall; 124.50 Lawsons Farm; 125.50 Greenalls Farm. LIM: 119.50 Cliftons Farm. MO: 154.50 Hatters Farm.
CAST BULL – FR: 111.50 Pilling Hall. LIM: 137.50 Slack Farm.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £260 Tunstall Hall; £168 Bank End Farm. LIM: £290 Tunstall Hall; £270 Tunstall Hall; £165 North Farm. HE: £260 Derby Lodge Farm. BRB: £280 Norbreck Farm; £275 Bank End Farm; £270 Bank End Farm.
BULL CALF – FR: £122 Blackleach House Farm; £105 Park Lane Farm; £100 Park Lane Farm. AA: £380 Fell End Farm; £330 Tills Farm; £315 Tunstall Hall. LIM: £315 Tunstall Hall. BRB: £325 Derby Lodge Farm; £315 Derby Lodge Farm; £255 Norbeeck Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – BRB: £480 Higher Brundhurst Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK –AA: £440 Higher Brundhurst Farm; £440 Higher Brundhurst Farm; £440 Higher Brundhurst Farm. MO: £ 460 Higher Brundhurst Farm; £300 Higher Brundhurst Farm.

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