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J36 Tuesday 8th March 2016

Posted Tuesday, 08 March 2016, 5.06pm

An entry of improving ewes from a high farm with young lambs at foot sold to a top of £130, with a market average of £43 a life.
Sale every week with buyers looking to purchase all types, please advise auctioneers for advertising.

The sale of pigs saw an improved entry forward, with buyers keen to bid for all classes. The sale commenced with prime pigs, which saw well finished pigs easiest sold, with the pigs weighing 85kg – 92kg easiest sold and being what the buyers want. A top price of £90 was achieved on two occasions for 80kg (105p/kg) white gilts from K F Sweeting alongside a 92kg boar from E Lawson. Mature pigs saw only 3 sows forward selling to £100 (75p/kg). Store pigs forward in greater numbers, with well-bred sorts keenly bid for, with white stores £58, £56 from K F Sweeting and coloured gilts £49. Very few weaners presented at the sale with those forward selling to a selective trade, topping at £22 for white gilts from R Crawford, younger weaners £10 - £12.

Prime hoggs saw several pens sell in excess of £100 topping at £108.50 for a pen of Beltex x from D Prickett, Farleton. Heavy hoggs full of meat £90 upwards, with standards £82 - £89. Light weight hoggs nice to sell providing they have meat and are not in store condition. A market average of 184p/kg was achieved with best sorts easily over 200p/kg topping at 226p/kg.
A full ringside of buyers competing for all types and classes with more needed each week to meet buyers demand.

A smaller entry of ewes this week at J36, with many more required to fulfil orders for the busy ringside of active cast sheep buyers. Continental ewes and rams saw bigger ones sell in excess of £100 with a consignment of big ewes from JA & R Geldard & Sons of Low Foulshaw selling to an average of £125. All continental ewes forward selling to an average of £85. Big mule ewes selling to the late eighties with all mule ewes forward averaging £74. The best types of horned ewes sold in the sixties, topping at £72 for Swaledales and Rough Fell ewes.

Top Prices:
Prime Hoggs: Belt: £108.50 Farleton House; £94.50 Silverhow Farm. Tex: £108 Millom Castle; £104 Ashtree Cottage, Red Scar; £102 Catshaw Hall Farm. Char: £107, £99, £94 Low Foulshaw Farm; £97 Mansrigg Hall. Suff: £96.50, £96, £95 Mansrigg Hall; £93 The Galleon. Lleyn: £95, £91.50 Low Foulshaw. Mule: £92 Millom Castle; £91 Overhouses; £88.50 Red Scar; £86 Cuerdale Hall Farm. Chev: £91, £90, £84.50 Brow Head; £87 The Galleon. Zwart: £80.50 Guards Farm. Swale: £79.50 Leakses Farm; £78 Old School House; £73 Walnut Hill; £68 Yoad Pot. Jac: £77.50 Guards Farm. Leic: £75.50 Boundary Beck. RFell: £73, £72.50, £62.50 Boundary Beck; £64 High Borrowbridge. Herd: £66, £65 Little Guards. Dales: £62.50 Fell End Farm

Cast Sheep: Char: £125 Low Foulshaw Farm. Tex: £106, £102 Silverhow Farm; £97 Ancliffe Farm, Fell End. Tex: £103 Silverhow Farm; £95 High Low Wood; £83 Storth End Farm. Hamp: £97 Kate Farm. Belt: £91 Silverhow Farm. Leic: £90 Kate Farm; £86 Grayrigg Hall. Suff: £89 Home Barn; £85 Barker Knott; £79 Ancliffe Hall Farm; £74 Home Barn. Mule: £87 Barker Knott, High Loanthwaite Farm; £82 Ashtree Cottage, High Foulshaw Farm. RFell: £72 Borrowbridge House; £65 Barker Knott; £62 High Borrowbridge. Swal: £78, £64 Middle Sadghyll; £72 Oakenclough; £68 Grayrigg Hall; £67, £64 Yoad Pot. Herd: £72 High Low Wood; £48 Hazel Head Farm; £46 Barker Knott. Lonk: £67 Fellside Farm; £65 Higher Salter. Chev: £64 Ghyll Farm; £61 Barker Knott. Dales: £59 Fell End Farm.

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