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J36 Tuesday 1st March 2016

Posted Tuesday, 01 March 2016, 5.43pm


The opening sale of sheep with lambs at foot saw many buyers leave without making purchases, at a sale where more could have been sold. All older sheep forward today, which saw Continental ewes with twins achieve a top price of £138 with others £126. Singles achieved £125, £121 with buyers looking to purchase sheep with stronger lambs and cautious of young lambs which would struggle to turn out straight from auction.

The sale is held on a weekly basis commencing at 11am. Please advise the office of entries to assist with contacting buyers.


Prime Hoggs sold to a market average of 179p/kg, with well-finished hoggs regularly 195p/kg – 210p/kg topping at 244p/kg for best Beltex x hoggs from Fishwick Farms, Silverdale. Mules sold to 186p/kg, with pure hill hoggs 192p/kg for Cheviots and 182p/kg for Herdwicks.

A top price of £117 was achieved for heavy Texels, with other heavy pens £95 - £102 however super heavyweights achieving no more. Standards sold to £92 with others regularly £77 - £84. Light weight hoggs £55 - £62, for first cross hoggs with pure hill breeds £44 - £53. Under finished and poorer sorts harder to sell.


A strong trade for all types of cast ewes and rams throughout. The trade topped at £116 for a Texel x tup from Martin Fishwick of Bank House Farm. Continental and Suffolk ewes saw better ewes easily selling into the nineties, topping at £99 for a Suffolk from M & RW Stirzaker of Milnthorpe, with plenty of first cross ewes selling into the eighties. Bigger Mule ewes sold to into the eighties, with plenty of pens of strong ewes easily selling in the mid seventies. All mules forward averaging £71.51. Horned ewes keenly bid for with Lonk ewes selling to £80 from GJ Ibbetson of Higher Salter. Swaledale and Rough Fell ewes topping at £70, with other horned ewes selling in the sixities. Once again vendors left very pleased with their trade.

More cast sheep could have easily been sold to vendors advantage and more needed week on week.

Top Prices:

Prime Hoggs: Tex: £117 Bank House Farm; £109 Helm Croft; £98 Dawson Fold; £97.50 Hagg Farm. Char: £109 Little Guards; £98 Mansrigg Hall; £96 Kingsland, Brow Head. Zwart: £106 Dawson Fold; £100 Crooklands Farm. Belt: £105 Cuerdale Hall Farm; £96.50 Bank House Farm; £94 Mansrigg Hall; Mule: £85.50 Helm Croft; £83, £82 Cuerdale Hall Farm. Suff: £102, £99 Mansriggs Hall; £99 Cracalt Farm; £93.50 Bank House Farm. Herd: £80 High Borrans Farm; £65.50 Bellart Howe. Leic: £74 Tongue House Farm. Lonk: £74 Higher Salter. Swale: £74 Arklid Farm; £68.50 Braida Garth. Chev: £72.50 Low House Farm; £70.50 Greenhills Farm. SBF: £70, £67 Greenhills Farm.

Ewes: Suff: £99 Station Hotel; £88 Hill Top Farm, Woodside. Mule: £99 Dale View Farm; £86 Strickland Hill, Myers Farm. Tex: £96 Bank House Farm; £93 Low Brundrigg. Leic: £97 Marsh House Farm; £86 Whelpside Farm. Char: £91 Overplains. Chev: £86, £74 Brow Head; £80 Dale View Farm. Belt: £87 Stonethwaite; Farm; £79 Bank House Farm. Lonk: £80 Higher Salter. RFell: £70 High Swinklebank; £68 Croft Foot Farm; £66 Low Deepslack. Swal: £69 Strickland Hill; £61 Well Foot, Marsh House Farm. Herd: £51 Hart Head Farm; £46 Little Guards.

Cast Rams: Tex: £116, £102 Bank House Farm; £86 Woodside. Leic: £98 Woodside; £73 Strickland Hill. Char: £91, £82 Guides Farm. Suff: £83 Guides Farm. Swale: £70 Marsh House Farm, Tongue House Farm.

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