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J36 Thursday 3rd March 2016

Posted Thursday, 03 March 2016, 2.34pm

Caption: First Prize Dairy Cow from AE & M Hayhurst

The March Show & Sale of dairy cattle had an entry of 5 cows & heifers forward with our thanks going to Raymond Butterfield of Burton-in-Kendal for judging today. Taking first place in the heifer section was AO & TO Laycock of Lytham with Thameshead Missile Diane 9, and she later sold for £1,150 to the judge. Cows sold well with Messrs Hayhurst of Natland topping the sale with a flashy second calver, sold giving in excess of 32 litres, she realised £1,350 selling to Messrs Clark of Endmoor.


The weekly sale of calves saw a smaller entry forward with many farmers now turning their attention to lambing. Only a small number of the real strongest calves presented selling to £405 for a Lim x Bull calf from C Stanley, Dent with others £300 - £330. Heifers sold to £312 for Lim x from B Wilson, Spout House. Medium bulls and heifers generally £180 - £220. Dairy Bulls sold to £65 for and entry of younger calves . An entry of reared B&W Bulls sold to £222 with others generally either side of £200.

Top Prices
Bull Calves – Fr: £222 Ormside Lodge. £65 Flodder Hall; £60 Wyke Farm; £50 Natland Park. Shorthorn: £60 Strickley. Lim: £405 Slack Farm; £330 Spout House; £278 Hawkrigg Farm; £192 Halforth Farm. Hfd: £150 Strickley. BRB: £300 Flodder Hall; £292 Sunny Bank; £255 Helm Farm; £235 Hawkrigg Farm.
Heifers Calves – Lim: £312 Spout House. BRB: £205 Elm Tree; £202 School House; £185 Hollins Farm.
Heifer Stirks – AA: £355 Applegarth.


Had 36 Cast Cows & Bulls forward. A better show of dairy cows in today making our average 101.6p/kg. Top price was 191.5p/kg for a Simmental heifer from R Gibson & Son, Singleton Park bought by Frank Towers.

Other Leading Prices
Cast Cows - Lim: 125.5p/kg Slack Farm. Sim: 125.5p/kg Singleton Park. Cont: 123.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall. AA: 117.5p/kg High Arnside Farm. Lim x: 115.5p/kg St Annes Farm & High Arnside Farm. H/F: 113.5p/kg Lupton Hall. Fr: 109.5p/kg Swallowmire & Espford.
Cast Heifers – Sim: 191.5p/kg Singleton Park.
Cast Bulls – Galloway: 87.5p/kg Singleton Park.


The Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle attracted a good ringside of buyers, and saw the dearest trade this year with some purchasers going home with empty trailers. Vendors delighted with trade and many more could have been sold to advantage. Top price was £1110 for a Lim x bullock from TS & SM Park, Millom Castle.

Leading Prices
Bullocks - Lim x: £1110 Millom Castle. Sim: £1010 (10m) Bannerigg. Blo: £990 Bowness Farm. Cont: £970 Oxen Park. AA: £950 (10m) Greenbank.
Cont x: £940 (10m) Bramaskew. Char: £940 & £930 Broad Oak.
Heifers – Lim x: £1090, £1080, £990 Millom Castle. Blo: £950 Bowness Farm. BRB: £910 High Leck Farm. Blo x: £890 Bowness. Cont: £800 Bramaskew.

Next Store Cattle Sale – Thursday 17th March (Special Spring Sale to include Native Breed Cattle) please advise entries for catalogue by Thursday 10th March.

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