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J36 Thursday 17th March 2016

Posted Friday, 18 March 2016, 9.19am

Today’s Sale was kindly sponsored by
The Rural Law Practice – Thomson Hayton Winkley

Prizes were awarded to the Top Priced Native Breeds as follows:-

Pair of Store Cattle – SC Gorst, Hoses Farm - Red Poll Bullocks - £880 per head.
Calf – C Gibson & Son, Burneside Hall – AA Bull - £275.
Cast Cow per head & per kilo – J & RE Baines, Gale Garth - AA - 105.5p/kg & £743.78 per head.

J36 had forward a catalogue entry of 271 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale. Top price was £1,330 for a Limousin x heifer from J A Chapman, North Lodge. His 7 hiefers sold averaging £1,235.71

Top Prices
Store Bullocks – Char: £1070 Dawson Fold. Char x: £1060 Skelwith Fold. Lim: £1060 Coniston Hall. Lim x : £1040 (2) Poppy Farm. Cont: £1040 Arklid. Cont x: £1030 Dawson Fold. Lim x BB: £1030 Gilpin Farm & Howriggs.
Store Heifers – Lim: £1330, £1310, £1240 North Lodge. BB: £1310 (x 2) North Lodge. Lim x: £1080, £1070 North Lodge. Cont: £1000 Audlands Park. BB: £990 Yates Farm. Cont x: £950 Audlands Park.
Store Bulls – Blo: £880 Wood Vale.

26 Cast Cows Averaged 100.6p/kg. Top price was 159.5p/kg for a Lim x BB from RHM & S Boyren, Hill Park, bought by John Bowling, Wigan.

Top Prices
Cast Cows – Lim x BB: £159.5p/kg Hill Park. Lim: £127.5p/kg Coniston Hall. Char: 119.5p/kg High Farm. Fr: 119.5p/kg. Blonde: 117.5p/kg.

The weekly sale of calves and stirks had a bigger entry of 86 forward this week. Weaned beef calves were eagerly bid for, with British Blue heifers selling to £400 from Messrs Sowerby of Townhead Farm with British Blue bulls from R & EA Gardner of Barrowfield selling to £370. Better types selling in excess of £300. Young beef calves noticeably a better trade as seen up and down the country this week. The black and white calf trade remains very similar with the price being dependant on the quality. Once again, a young entry of black and whites at J36 with nicer rearing types selling £70 plus, topping at £98. Smaller types, that would rear, were between £40 and £60, with bobby calves selling mid twenties and into the thirties.

A good entry of stirks forward this week with plenty of interest around the ring for all sizes and types, as turning out day is fast approaching. White Park suckler bred bulls 5/6 month sold to £525 from FW Park of Bannerigg Farm. Dairy bred Angus bullocks at 8 months old sold to £515 from C Gibson & Son of Burneside Hall. Black and White bullocks sold to £460 from the same home.

Top Prices
Bull Calves – Fr: £98 Espford, Tranthwaite Hall; £62 Lupton Hall, Strickland Hill; £58 Townhead Farm. AA: £275 Burneside Hall; £230 Cinder Barrow; £195 Far Audlands. Sim: £320 Beck Side. BRB: £370 Townhead Farm, Barrowfield; £230 High Foulshaw.
Heifer Calves – AA: £220 Cinder Barrow; £110 Far Audlands. Lim: £200 Halforth Farm. BRB: £400 Townhead Farm; £345 Barrowfield; £280 Cinder Barrow; £180 High Foulshaw.
Bull Stirks – Fr: £290 School Hill. White Park: £525 Bannerigg Farm.
Heifer Stirks – BRB: £570 Sleetburn Farm. AA: £400 Burneside Hall.
Steer Stirks – AA: £515 Burneside Hall. Fr: £460 Burneside Hall.

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