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Lancaster Monday 29th February

Posted Monday, 29 February 2016, 4.41pm

Prime Hoggs

The weekly sale of prime hoggs had another good entry of over 700 forward, with over 1000 more prime hoggs sold this year in comparison to the same time as last year. An overall market average sold to 176ppk with hoggs between 39kg and 45kg averaging 182ppk. Well fleshed continental, Suffolk and mule hoggs weighing mid-forties very good to sell today to an active ring of buyers all keen to purchase hoggs.

Cast Sheep

A bigger show of cull sheep this morning with 94 forward. David Eames of Tarnbrook topped the sale with a Teeswater Tup realising £97. Ewes sold to a top of £89 for a strong Suffolk cross from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton. Texel ewes to £88 from GR Bargh & Co, Brookhouse. Mules sold to a top of £75 for a pair from FK & F Woodhouse, Scorton. Hill bred sheep to £55 for Dalesbreds from BD Gill, Ingleton and Swales to £50 from RH & C Ayrton, Tarnbrook.

Prime Cattle

An entry of four prime bulls forward, heavy weight Limousin bulls sold to 164.5ppk from JA Airey of Old Croft.

Breeding Sheep

The opening sale of spring breeding sheep at Lancaster had an entry of 20 families forward a smaller entry then expected but as happens at this time of year and lambing season unfortunately a couple of vendors couldn’t come. An entry consisting mainly of aged mule ewes with young Texel lambs topped at £168 with twins and £122 with singles. Plenty of buyers in attendance looking for sheep but slightly cautious and weighing up the market.

Top Prices

PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £95 Park Farm Barn; £89 Downlands Farm; £86 Throstle Grove Farm. SUFF: £90 Hall Croft Barn; £84 Sykes Farm; £83 Maddison Avenue. CH: £87.50 Oak Farm Barn; £75.50 Sykes Farm. DORS: £85 Corney Hill Farm. MULE: £81 Heaton Hall Farm; £80 Fell End Farm; £79.50 Cuerdale Hall Farm. BEL: £80 Hall Croft Barn. LEI: £80 Yarlsber; £79 Ouzelthorn Farm. HRN: £79 Parks Farm Barn; £76.50 Interbervie; £70 Hazelslack Tower Farm. SWALE: £78.50 Sykes Farm; £60 Ouzelthorn Farm; £59.50 Rooten Brook. SCO: £78.50 Tarnwater Farm. CHEV: £78 Inverbervie; £77 Heaton Hall Farm; £76 Tarnwater Farm. RGH: £66 Millbeck.

CAST SHEEP – TEES: £97 Middle Lee Farm. TEX: £88 Rye Close; £69 Burrow Heights Farm; £66 Hall Croft Barn. SUFF: £89 Downlands Farm; £65 Hall Croft Barn. CHEV: £86 Dove Cote Farm. LEI: £79 Yarlsber. MULE: £75 Fell End Farm; £71 Springs Farm; £62 Burrow Heights Farm. SWAL: £72 Middle Lee Farm; £57 Millbeck. CH: £68 Throstle Grove Farm; £64 Hazelslack Tower Farm; £64 Springs Farm. DALES: £55 Yarlsber.

PRIME BULLS – AA: 141.5 Village Farm. LIM: 164.5 Old Croft.

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