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Lancaster Friday 5th February

Posted Friday, 05 February 2016, 4.42pm

A Busy Day at NWA Lancaster as 590 head from 126 different vendors pass through three rings.

Store Cattle

Lancaster continues to draw big entries of Store Cattle, with 368 going under the hammer. A ringside of buyers, comprising of regular and new faces ensured all classes met a strong trade. The few cattle forward which were not in spec were a fraction less than previously seen. A pen of 4 smart Charolais bullocks from H Chapman and Son, Middleton sold to £1350, along with an Angus Bullock from R Escolme, Bay Horse. Heifers sold to a top of £1280 for a 22month British Blue from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton. A dozen cattle sold in excess of £1300. A run of nice Limousin bullocks from TR Prickett, Farleton sold to a top of £1280. Friesian bullocks sold to £1000 from EE Thornton & Sons, Downlands.

Cast Cows and OTMs

A large show of 152 Cast Cows and OTM cattle forward this morning at Lancaster. Trade topped at 177.5ppk for a 35month Angus Bullock from O Butler, Esprick, which also took the top gross price of £1262. Friesian cows sold to 154.5ppk from A & MI Robinson, Penrith. Friesian heifers sold to 149.5ppk from EW & RM Towers, Hornby. Black and White cows averaged 96.18ppk whilst heifers averaged 128.5ppk. Beef cows sold to 137.5ppk for a Blonde from Matthew Hill, Slyne. All classes met an exceptional trade in comparison to other local centres this week. A very respectable average of 102ppk considering the sale was made up of 87% dairy breeds.

Calves & Stirks

A busy morning in the calf ring with 86 calves and stirks forward. Young calves sold to a top of £405 for a Blue Bull from AJ & AJ Gibbons, St Michaels. Other blues to £360 from JM & MH France, Littledale. Continental heifers to £315 for Blues again from AJ & AJ Gibbons. Black and white calves sold to a top of £95 from Drinkall Bros. Abbeystead. Best calves £70-£95, nice younger rearers around the £50 mark.
Another big entry of 45 stirks following on from last week’s successful stirk sale, saw Limousin and Simmental heifers 6-8months sell to £500 & £505. A Hereford Bull from S Moore and a Limousin Bull from I Atkinson & Son sold to £480. British Blue bullocks realised £500.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1350 Ivy Barn; £1300 Chestnut House Farm; £1290 New House Farm. CH: £1350 Millbeck; £1280 Moorham Hill Nurseries; £1210 Brown Edge. LIM: £1330 High House Farm; £1280 Hutton Roof Hall; £1210 Moorham Hill Nurseries. ST: £1300 Low Foulshaw Farm. MON: £1220 Newsham Hall Farm; £1100 Wyre Farm. BA: £1200 Gibraltar Farm. BAZ: £1260 The Old Stable; £1190 The Bungalow; £1140 The Old Stable. BRB: £1200 Shaws Farm; £1170 Gibraltar Farm; £1140 Old Woodhouse. SLR: £1190 The Bungalow. HE: £1170 Windy Hill Farm; £1040 Corney Hill Farm. FR: £1140 Newsham Hall Farm; £1000 Downlands Farm; £930 Cock Hall Farm SIM: £1100 Squires Gate; £1100 Low Moor Head Farm. WB: £900 Chestnut House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1280 Fell End Farm; £1280 High House; £1120 Manor House Farm. AA: £1260 New House Farm; £1090 Park Farm; £1060 Foredales Farm. LIM: £1170 Hutton Roof Hall; £1100 Bouthwaite Farm; £1090 Forton Bank Farm. ST: £1040 Low Foulshaw Farm. SIM: £1000 Lower Castle O Trim; £940 Brow Foot Farm; £890 Mount Murray. CH: £950 Cross House Farm; £900 Mount Murray. HE: £860 Rowell Farm; £780 Mount Murray. FR: £830 Downlands Farm.

CAST COWS – FR: 154.5 Hall Farm; 149.5 Bainsbank Farm; 121.5 Chapel House; 121.5 Lanthwaite Heights. BA: 137.5 The Dell. LIM: 134.5 Barn Owl Farm; 129.5 Fellside Farm; 124.5 Braida Garth. SIM: 129.5 Braida Garth; 109.5 Fellside Farm. CH: 117.5 Braida Garth. MON: 114.5 White Lund Farm.

CAST HEIFER – SRW: 159.5 White Lund Farm. FR: 149.5 Holme Head; 144.5 Derby Lodge Farm; 139.5 Outfield. BRB: 129.5 Barn Owl Farm. SIM: 119.5 Boon Town Farm.

CAST STEER- AA: 177.5 Barn Owl Farm. FR: 119.5 Newsham Hall Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £315 Catteralls Farm; £265 Norbreck Farm; £210 Dunkenshaw Farm. AA: £215 Pump House Farm; £175 Hoggetts Lane Farm. LIM: £202 Tunstall Hall.

BULL CALF – BRB: £405 Catteralls Farm; £360 Newhouse Farm; £310 Norbreck Farm. AA: £325 Tills Farm. FR: £95 Catshaw Hall Farm; £92 Lower Langhthwaite Farm; £90 Pump House Farm.

BULL STIRK – LIM: £480 Boon Town Farm; £275 Braida Garth. HE: £480 Longwood House. BRB: £300 Redfield’s. FR: £170 Boon Town Farm.

HEIFER STIRK – SIM: £505 Oak Avenue; £490 Boon Town Farm. LIM: £500 Oak Avenue; £415 Redfield’s. BRB: £495 Oak Avenue; £400 Boon Town Farm; £400 Muffy’s Platt Farm. AA: £415 Redfield’s. HE: £380 Longwood House.

BULLOCK STIRK – BRB: £500 Oak Avenue. LIM: £400 Oak Avenue. MON: £360 Muffy’s Platt Farm. SRW: £315 Muffy’s Platt Farm.

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