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J36 Tuesday 9th February 2016

Posted Tuesday, 09 February 2016, 5.30pm

The monthly sale of pigs saw an entry of 90 forward for the sale, which included the Anniversary Show for Prime Pigs. The prize-winning pigs were a pair of Pietrain x gilts from John Stott, Kendal. These later sold for a market-topping price of £124. Other well-finished prime pigs generally £72 - £85 (65p/kg – 85p/kg). Best white store pigs sold to £72, with lesser sorts £32 - £45. Weaners experienced the least interest for a while, with buyers very selective. Best white weaners sold to £27 for gilts with others £8 -£15.

The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs saw a rise in trade, producing a market average of 188p/kg, topping at 220p/kg for best hoggs from KJ Knight. Other pens of well-finished hoggs 195p/kg – 210p/kg. A top price of £100 was paid for Texels from TS & SM Park, with others regularly selling in excess of £90. Hill lambs sold to £76.50 for Swaledales, with well-finished hoggs 42kg upwards easiest sold. Light-weight hoggs were less in number today, with buyers keen for all types generally achieving 155p/kg – 175p/kg.

Sale next week to include anniversary show and sale for prime hoggs in pairs.

The strongest trade that has been for some time for cast ewes with a busy ring of buyers, all very keen to buy ewes. A bigger entry than over the previous weeks, with just shy of 450 going through the ring. Continental ewes easily over £100, topping at £125 from S Mawson & Son of Moor House. Charollais’ sold to £118 and Llyens selling to £108 from J A & R Geldard of Low Foulshaw. Continental Suffolks and Cheviot ewes regularly sold in the eighties and towards ninety pounds. Mule ewes sold to £82 for a pen from EJ Hodgson & Son of Lambrigg Head, with good mule ewes regularly selling in the seventies. Over-fat Mule ewes strongly punished with buyers not wanting to buy over-fat ewes. A good entry of horned ewes in terms of number and quality. Rough Fell ewes topped at £73 from S Mawson & Son of Moor House, with big ewes selling in the sixties and smaller types in the fifties. Swaledale ewes topped at £67 from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw, with fit Swale ewes in the early fifties. Lean ewes of all breeds a very strong trade, especially for white faced lean ewes buyers extremely keen to purchase them.

£100 Millom Castle; £99.50 The Galleon; £98.50 Little Guards. Suff: £93 Low House; £90 Underley; £89.50 The Galleon. Mule: £85 Red Scar; £84.50 Tarnside Farm; £76.50 Harbarrow Farm. Char: £88.50 Hill Farm; £83.50 Tarnside Farm. Chev: £88.50 Bank House Farm; £83 Greenhills Farm; £78 Red Lodge. Beltex: £92.50 Bank House Farm; £72 Low Hall Farm; £71 Underley. Zwart: £77 Tarnside Farm. Herdwick: £79.50 The Galleon; £74.50 Red Scar; £74 Harbarrow Farm. Leicester: £76.50 Scargill Farm. Lleyn: £63.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. SBF: £76.50 Greenhills Farm. Rough Fell: £71.50 Seedhowe Cottages; £70.50 High Borrowbridge. Swale: £76 Tarnside Farm; £64.50 Middale Farm; £61.50 Higher Salter.
CAST EWES – Texel: £125 Moor House; £95 Millom Castle; £88 Deep Clough. Lleyn: £108 Low Foulshaw. Leicester: £82 Catshaw Hall. Suff: £73 Hawkrigg End. Masham: £80 Lambrigg Head; £78 Deep Clough. Mule: £82 Lambrigg Head; £80 Scargill Farm; £79 Moor House. Swale: £67 Catshaw Hall; £54 Mouse Syke; £51 Scargill Farm. Rough Fell: £73 Moor House; £69 High Swinklebank; £67 Seedhowe Cottage. SBF: £68 Deep Clough; £65 Johnscales. Char: £114 Low Foulshaw Farm; £80 Brown Edge. Chev: £89 Deep Clough; £85 High Borrowbridge. Dales: £68 Deep Clough. Gritstone: £76 Deep Clough. Zwart: £87 Park End Farm; £85 Milestones Cottage; £84 Catshaw Hall.
CAST RAMS – Texel: £86 Oakfield Farm; £76 Rinkfield. Lleyn: £80 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicester: £85 Catshaw Hall. Herdwick: £50 Crookfield. Beltex: £81 Deep Clough. Rough Fell: £50 High Borrowbridge.

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