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J36 Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Posted Tuesday, 23 February 2016, 4.51pm


North West Auctions held it’s fortnightly sale of prime pigs which saw an ever increasing number of onlookers all keen to attend future sales. The sale commenced with a well-finished white sow from P Woof which sold for £122 (70p/kg). Prime pigs saw well-finished pigs easily sold, selling to £104 for white gilts from J Nuttall, with others generally 90p/kg – 115p/kg. Coloured pigs saw saddleback x sell at £92 (126p/kg) from P Woof.

Prime hoggs sold to an improved trade compared to previous weeks, with all sold averaging 185p/kg. A top price of £102 was achieved for heavy weight Texel x hoggs from KJ Knight with other heavy hoggs generally selling to the mid £90’s. Commercial hoggs regularly selling into the £80’s with hill hoggs to mid £70’s. A top price of 240p/kg was achieved for Beltex x hoggs from Fishwick Farms, with other well-finished sorts regularly 200p/kg – 220p/kg, with next category sorts 180p/kg – 195p/kg.

Light weight hoggs sold to £71 for well finished Herdwicks, with others in the 32kg – 36kg selling between £52- £58 (160p/kg – 190p/kg).

The weekly sale of cast ewes had a stronger trade, as numbers begin to tighten. Bigger Continental ewes selling over £100, with best Mules selling into the ninties. A consignment of big ewes from W Garnett & Son of Ackenthwaite saw Suffolk cross ewes selling to £109, with big Mules selling to £94. Leicester ewes topped at £94 from AJ & CM Harrison of Boundary Beck. A good entry of Mule ewes averaged £82. Best Horned ewes in the seventies, topping at £72 from Fishwick Brothers, with good Horned ewes in the sixties. Plainer types of ewes continue to be dear. The trade for tups was noticeably better with buyers looking to purchase tups. An entry of 350 ewes averaged just shy of sixty pound each.

Top Prices:
Prime Hoggs: Tex: £102, £99 Little Guards; £99 Low Stangerthwaite; £98 Clawthorpe Lodge, Bank House Farm. Suff: £99 Mansriggs Hall; £94, £92.50 The Galleon; £92 Milestones Cottage. Leic: £95, £75.50 Moss Howe Farm; £77.50 Boundary Beck. Belt: £91.50 Bank House Farm. Mule: £90 Bank House Farm; £84 Moss Howe Farm; £82 Red Scar; £81 Fellside Farm. Zwart: £84 Brow Head. RFell: £83 Moss Howe Farm; £69.50, £68 High Borrowbridge; £68 Riddings, Boundary Beck. Swale: £82, £78, £77 Netherhouses Farm; £73 Cobble Hey. Chev: £78.50 Red Lodge; £76.50 Brow Head; £75 The Galleon. Lley: £76 Low Foulshaw Farm. Char: £73.50 Charley Crag Farmhouse. Mash: £71.50 Middale Farm. Herd: £71 The Galleon.

Cast Ewes: Suff: £109, £106, £102 Ackenthwaite Farm; £101 Netherhouses Farm. Tex: £101 Ackenthwaite Farm; £81 Milestone Cottage; £78 High Hallbeck, High Wray Farm. Mule: £94 Ackenthwaite Farm; £91 Sykes Farm; £84 Cobble Hey, Hill Top Farm, Low Chapel Farm. Leic: £94 Boundary Beck; £78 Old School House; £75 The Borrans. Mash: £89 Cobble Hey Farm. Chev: £78 Cobble Hey Farm; £69 High Arnside Farm. RFell: £72 Middle Sadghyll; £64 Riddings; £60 Boundary Beck, Steps Farm. Swal: £67 Cobble Hey Farm; £65 Middle Sadghyll; £61 Yoad Pot; £59 Skelwith Fold. Dale: £62 Fell End Farm, Middale Farm; £61 Cobble Hey Farm. Zwart: £60 Milestone Cottage; £57 Cross Hill Cottage.

Cast Rams: Tex: £99 Netherhouses Farm; £91 Hill Top Farm. Suff: £71 Skelwith Fold Farm. RFell: £72 Old School House. Belt: £71 Sand Lane. Swal: £61 Wads Howe.

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