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J36 Young Handlers Show & Sale - Tuesday 27th December 2016

Posted Tuesday, 27 December 2016, 5.40pm

Prime Lambs

Today's sale incorporated the Young Handler's Show and Sale.

35 Single lambs were entered for the show, it was absolutely fabulous to see so many youngsters, and a credit to them for taking the time in preparing them for the show.

Our Show was kindly sponsored by Myrescough Agricultural College, with Mr Craig Thompson being in attendance. The judge for the morning was Claire Cropper from Long Preston, and we thank her for her expertise.

Top price of the sale went to Miss Grace Gardiner, Kell Springs, Penrith, for a superb 46kg Beltex lamb. Grace was first in her class, then was overall Champion Handler. Her lamb realised £235 (510.9p/kg) to our judge Claire Cropper of Long Preston.

In the Single Upland Lamb class a 57kg Mule consigned by Ivy Sedgwick which went on to sell for £86.50. It was a 42kg Swaledale from Thomas Wilson which topped the Horned Lamb Class, and later sold for £79.

We would like to thank the buyers for their keen support today, hopefully giving the next generation of young farmers some encouragement.

Outwith the show, today's top price was £100 for three cracking Texels scaling 50kg, consigned by Fishwick Farms. Top price kilo for lambs was 214.3pg for Texels scaling 42kg also from Fishwick Farms.

Beltex lambs sold away to £90 for a pen of three, consigned by Fishwick Farms. Peaking the Suffolk trade was J Woodburn Ptns, Mansrigg Hall, realising £82. R J & YL Willison, Cinderbarrow had a grand run of lambs, and they had a top price of £77.50 for Charollais X. WT & EM Townley & Son, Burnt House, had the top price for Mules at £76. In the Swale section it was JA Alderson, Barras Farm who sold to £68.50. Rough Fell lambs sold to £62.50 from A J & C M Harrison, Boundary Beck, with the Dalesbred lambs consigned by J A Bennet, Middale Farm selling to £58, and the Herdwick lambs from K Wrathall, Cockley Beck Farm. 1540 Prime Lambs averaged 168p/kg.

All classes of lambs met a strong demand right through sale today, with quality, tight coated skinned types meeting an excellent trade.

We would like to wish all or customers, buyers, hauliers and sponsors a Happy New Year.

Cast Sheep

A mixed trade for Cast Sheep at J36 with a selective trade, as a couple of cast sheep buyers missing with other sales clashing. Texel ewes sold into the seventies with Mule Ewes into the sixties. Horned ewes topped at £61 from BD Gill of Yarlsber for Dalesbreds.

Sale back to normal next week with prime sheep at J36 at 1pm.

Show Results

Ms Claire Cropper

Myerscough College

Class one – Single Lowland Lamb – Under 10 Years
1st Grace Gardiner, 46kg £235
2nd Williams Gardiner, 45kg £110
3rd Ivy Sedgwick, 43kg £106

Class one – Single Lowland Lamb – 11-16years
1st Robyn Allen, 54kg £124
2nd Emma Winn, 50kg £100
3rd Will Blackwell, 36kg £72

Class one – Single Lowland Lamb – 17-26years
1st Alistair Thompson, 46kg £138
2nd James Fishwick, 44kg £116
3rd Matthew Atkinson, 50kg £122

Class two – Single Upland Lamb – Under 10 years
1st Elizabeth Wilson, 46kg £78
2nd Emmy Watson, 41kg £76
3rd Harry Huddleston, 46kg £78

Class two – Single Upland Lamb – 11-16years
1st Thomas Wilson, 48kg £79

Class three – Single Horned Lamb – Under 10 years
1st Abigail Winn, 47kg £78
2nd Elizabeth Wilson, 38kg £69

Class three – Single Horned Lamb – 11-16years
1st Thomas Wilson, 42kg £79
2nd Robyn Allen, 51kg £70
3rd George Wilson, 40kg £70

Class three – Single Horned Lamb – 17-26years
1st Neil Strickland, 53kg £72

Best Young Handler – 26 years and under
1st Abigail Winn, 47kg £78
2nd Elizabeth Wilson, 38kg £69
3rd Robyn Allen, 51kg £70

Grace Gardiner, 46kg £235

Reserve Champion
Alistair Thompson 46kg £138

Top Prices
Prime Lambs: Bel £235 Kell Springs, £132 Poppy Farm, £132, £122 Low Underbrow, £110 Kell Springs. Tex £124 St Annes Farm, £122 High Underbrow Farm, £116, £106 Bank House Farm, £100 High Underbrow Farm. Char £110, £96 High Foulshaw Farm, £77.50 Cinderbarrow Farm, £73.50 Crabtree Farm. Chev £86.50 Bank House Farm, £76 Middleton Hall, £60.50 Green Head. Suff £82 Mansrigg Hall, £80 High House Farm, £78 High House Farm, Mansriggs Hall, Maddison Avenue. Mule £79, £78 Ashstead, £78, £77 Overhouses, £76 Burnt House. Swale £79 Ashstead, £72 The Borrans, £70, £69 Ashstead, £68.50 Barras Farm. Horned £78, High Underbrow Farm, £70 St Annes Farm. Cont £67.50 Overpalins. Rough Fell £62.50, £61.50 Boundary Beck, £61 Millriggs, £59.50 High Borrowbridge.

Cast Ewes: Tex £79 Hall Croft Barn, £76 Green Close, £72, £71 Spital Farm, £70 High House Farm. Char £70, £65 Grandy Close. BFL £70 Yarlsber. Suff £68 Hall Croft, £65 Ghyll Beck Farm. Mule £65 Rinkfield, £60 Crag View, £59 Ghyll Beck Farm, £55, £54 Underhelm Farm. Dales £61 Yarlsber, £45 Fell End Farm. Llyen £61 Sunny Bank. Chev £60 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £55 Low Tarn Green, £50 Mill House Farm, £45 Rinkfield. Rough Fell £46, £35 Low Deepslack. Swale £41 Middale Farm, £39 Stanley Road.
Cast Rams: Swart £68 Yarlsber. BFL £55 Middale Farm. Chev £55 Low Deepslack.

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