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J36 Tuesday 20th December 2016

Posted Tuesday, 20 December 2016, 5.11pm

Prime Lambs

There was 1137 Prime lambs forward at J36 which sold to a top price of £106 or 252p/kg for a cracking 42kg Texel consigned by GCL Stephenson Ltd, Deansbiggin, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Texel X lambs were the second highest price per kilo of the day selling to 230.8p/kg for 39kg from P Cumming, 5 Holmes Field, Holme, he also sold a pen of eight 46kg Texel to £95.50.

Today's sale met a firm trade throughout the day, with all classes stronger on the week. Good meaty types sold away very well, with heavier lambs in demand and any lambs not Farm assured and lacking quality slightly easier.

Suffolk lambs were selling to a top price of £90 from B Barker, Brown Edge with J Parsley of Beckside Farm achieving £83 for Bluefaced Leicesters. Hill bred lambs sold to a top price per head of £78.50 for a run of Mules consigned by P & TL Edmondson Ltd, Low Hall Farm, Masham lambs from J A Bennett, Middale Farm topped at £76.00, with TA & J Dixon, Yoad Pot peaking at £70.50 for 5 Swaledales, Cheviots consigned by T E & A Galbraith, Crooklands Farm realised £70.50, and Rough Fells from TLB & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge.

1137 Prime Lambs averaged 167.83p/kg

Cast Sheep

The weekly sale of cast sheep had a few less sheep forward but sold to a stronger trade, with all ewe buyers actively looking to purchase ewes with all types of females dearer on the week. The trade topped at £96 from RS & BA Harker of Overthwaite Farm for a Leicester tup with Texel ewes selling to £95 from Holgate Caravan Park. There was a shortage of good continental ewes in today to fulfil the buyer’s requirements with all continental ewes forward averaging into the seventies.

A good entry of Mule ewes in terms of quality saw them sell to a top of £79 from BJ Blee of Kendal with strong pens of Mules selling in excess of the £70 mark. A strong number of horned ewes forward saw Rough Fell ewes sell to a top of £58 from RJ & OB Simpson and also from M Bland and Sons with all Rough Fell ewes forward selling to an average of £54. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £53 from T Potter & Son of Graining Field with all Swaledale ewes forward selling to market average in the forties.

Top Prices
Prime Lambs: Tex £106 Deansbiggin, £95.50 Holme Field, £94 The Galleon, £93.50 Holme Field, £93 Daub Hall Farm. Suff £90 Brown Edge Farm, £87.50 Brow Head, £80 High Biggarsbank, £79 Meadow Oaks, Hill Park. BFL £83 Beckside Farm, £73 Ivy Cottage. Mule £78.50 Low Hall Farm, £77, £76 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £70.50 Brown Edge, Middale Farm. Mash £76 Middale Farm. Swale £70.50, £67 Yoad Pot, £59 Braida Garth, £57.50 Ashstead, £55 Wads Howe. Chev £70.50, £66 Crooklands Farm, £66.50 Green Lane End Farm, £62 Seedhowe Cottages, £60 Brow Head. Char £69 Charley Crag Farmhouse, £65, £64 High Greenside, £59.50 Cockley Beck Farm. Rough Fell £67, £65.50, £64.50, £52 High Borrowbridge, £50 Low Fold. Cont £62.50 Abbey Drive, £55 Brow Head.
Cast Sheep
Cast Ewes: Tex £95, £85 Holgate Caravan Park, £80 Graining Field, Low House, £77 Low Fold. BFL £84 Ovtherwiate. Suff £81 Ninezergh. Mule £79 Sedbergh Road, £77 Moss End Farm, £75 Low House, North Farm, £73 Graining Field. Mash £70, £68 Low Audlands, £63 Middale Farm. Char £59 Graining Field. Rough Fell £58 Low Fold, £58, £50, £48 High Swinklebank. Llyen £56 Ivy Cottage, £53 High Biggarsbank.
Cast Rams: BFL £96, £78 Overthwaite, £77 Braida Garth, £70 Hill Croft. Bel £95 Hill Top Farm. Llyen £81 Ivy Cottage.

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