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J36 Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Pigs & Prime Lambs - Tuesday 13th December 2016

Posted Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 12.56pm

Christmas Prime Lambs sparkle in the limelight as the Junction 36 centre record is smashed

Prime Lambs

Santa came early on Tuesday for the Wannop family of Heaton Hall Farm, as they sold an outstanding pair of homebred Beltex x gimmer lambs scaling 43kg realising £260 (604ppkg) being purchased by Mr Sam Oyston of Lytham, to be retained for further breeding. In the judging earlier in the day the Pair of Lambs had been awarded 1st Prize in their class and put forward as the Overall Champion of the Show. Our judging today was in the expert hands of Mr Shaun Cowin on behalf of Dunbia, Preston who kindly provided his time and expertise to judge the 43 pens put forward for the Show Classes. Our thanks also goes to the generous support of the Rural Law Practice who were the Sponsor of the show classes today making it a successful event.

The reserve champions were a cracking pen of 5 homebred Beltex x lambs forward from regular consignors John & Hazel Thompson of Poppy Farm. They scaled at 47kg and sold for £125 (265.9ppkg) to Mr Michael Lomax on behalf of local butchers Higginsons of Grange.

There was a super show of horned, hill and native lambs, with classes for Mule & Masham, Horned & Herdwick, Rough Fell and Cheviots.

The Overall Hill Breed champions were consigned by Alan Alderson of Barras Farm, a well-respected Swaledale breeder in the local area. Mr Alderson had forward two show pens, quality examples of the Swaledale breed, the 1st prize lambs scaled at 44kg realising £76 to our judge, Mr Shaun Cowin on behalf of Dunbia, Preston.

The Reserve Champion Hill Bred lambs went to a pen of five quality Cheviot lambs from John & David Metcalfe of Bees Nest, they scaled at 43kg and were purchased by the Judge for £67 per head.
The Annual Show & Sale of Rough Fell Prime Lambs on behalf of the RFSBA, this year saw Vic Guy of Whinfell Terrace being awarded 1st prize with his 49kg lambs going on to achieve £67 per head.

Brian & Jayne Knowles of High Borrowbridge achieved 1st & 2nd prizes in the Mule/Masham Class. Their 1st prize pen of 5 North of England Mules achieved £75 (54kgs) and their 2nd prize pen of Cheviot Mule Lambs selling to £72 (49kgs).

Outside the show classes the top price achieved was 217.8ppkg for a pen of eight superb Beltex lambs scaling 45kg consigned by Kevin & Mandy Allonby of Green Head being purchased by local buyer Mr Micheal Lomax. The Allonby family also had the top price per head at £99 for a pair of 47kg Beltex lambs, which were also purchased by Micheal Lomax.

Trade was sound through the sale for good well-bred types. Lambs which were not farm assured or lacking quality and conformation proving difficult to sell.

1128 Prime lambs forward to average 158.17p

Cast Sheep

There was once again a strong number of 516 Cast Sheep forward at J36. Continental ewes selling to a stronger trade and short of supply with Mules selling similar to last week, strong fit horned ewes were selling to a better trade with lean ewes creating little interest. The trade topped at £100 for Leicester tups from CP Bateman of Croft Foot Farm with plenty of strong continental ewes selling in the ninties topping at £99 from RT & ME Sutton of Crosscrake Farm.

Strong cheviot ewes sold to a top of MD & SA Park of Whitbarrow Cottage of £85. Mule ewes topped at £70 from Ken Williamson of Beckfoot with strong mule ewes in the sixties with a leaner entry of mules forward today. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £48 from JA Bennett of Longseddale with strong Swaledale ewes selling beyond the forty pound barrier.

Prime Pigs

The Christmas show and sale of pairs of prime pigs, to include the annual monthly sale of all types of pigs saw the pre-sale show was expertly judged by Mr George Robinson of Crooklands, thanks goes to George for his time, a strong line of over 10 pens of pairs of prime pigs forward for the show. A very close class saw Peter Woof of Stainton take Champion and second prize with the third prize rosette being awarded to AJJ Horn of Lower Grisburn.

The sale topped at £137 for a pair of prime hogs from Peter Woof of Stainton with others from the same good home selling to £132. Prime pigs topped at 135ppk from Peter Woof of Stainton with plenty of pigs selling in excess of 120ppk.

A brisker trade then seen for seen for some time for the weaners and store especially for the better quality pigs. White stores sold to £55 from TG Fee of Cleator with weaners selling to £45 from T Leece of Askham in Furness with a pen of smart pietrain weaners.

Show Results

Prime Pigs


Mr George Robinson, Crooklands

Class one – Pair of Prime Pigs
1st Lot 20 & 21 PK & R Woof, Storth End Farm
2nd Lot 29 & 30 PK & R Woof, Storth End Farm
3rd Lot 3 & 4 AJJ Horn, Lower Grisburn

Prime Lambs


Mr Shaun Cowin, Dunbia, Preston


Rural Law Practice, Thomson Hayton Winkley

Class one – Lowland Sired Prime Lambs
1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm
2nd J Allonby & Son, Green Head
3rd JA & KL Allen, St Annes Farm

Class two – Beltex/Beltex x Prime Lambs
1st ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall Farm
2nd AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm
3rd Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm

Class three – Mule/Masham Prime Lambs
1st TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge
2nd TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge
3rd JJ & M Metcalfe, Orchard House

Class four – Horned/Herdwick Prime Lambs
1st JA Alderson, Barras Farm
2nd B & HM Wilson, Ashstead
3rd B & HM Wilson, Ashstead

Class five – Rough Fell Prime Lambs
1st VR Guy, Whinfell
2nd AEA Harrison, Millriggs
3rd TLB & K Knowles, High Borrow Bridge

Class six – Cheviot & Other Hill Breeds
1st JJ & M Metcalfe, Orchard House
2nd Low Moor Howe Farm, High House Farm
3rd CR Ford & Co, Meadowside

Champion Lowland Lamb
ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall Farm

Reserve Champion Lowland Lamb
JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

Champion Hill Bred Lamb
JA Alderson, Barras Farm

Reserve Champion Hill Bred Lamb
JJ & M Metcalfe, Orchard House

Top Prices
Prime Lambs: Bel £260 Heaton Hall Farm, £125, £111, £108 Poppy Farm, £104 Benson Hall. Tex £100 Gibraltar Farm, £92 Low Longmire, £85 Underley Estate, Gibraltar Farm, £84 Smithy Green. Char £92 Gibraltar Farm, £80, £65 Kate Farm, £55 Meadowside. Suff £85 Underley Estate, £84 Smithy Green, £83 Hampsfield Hall, £81 Top Thorn Farm, £73 Smithy Green Farm. Chev £81 Brow Head, £73.50, £72 High Borrow Bridge, £68.50 Orchard House, £67.50 Hartrigg. Swale £76Barras Farm, £68.50 Barras Farm, Low Longmire, £64, £60 Ashstead. Mule £75 High Borrow Bridge, £73.50 Low Longmire, £73 Low Hall Farm, £72 Heaton Hall Farm. Roughs £72 High Borrow Bridge, £71 Millriggs, £67, £65.50 Whinfell Terrace, £62 Boundary Beck. Zwart £68 Low Greenriggs. BFL £67 Boundary Beck.
Cast Sheep
Cast Ewes: Tex £99 Crosscrake Farm, £98 Ackenthwaite Farm, £95 Crosscrake Farm, £93 Underley Estate, £91 Ackenthwaite Farm. Suff £97, £84 Ackenthwaite Farm. Zwart £96 Low Foulshaw Farm. Char £91 Hynning Home Cottages. Chev £85 Whitebarrow Cottage, £71 Green Head, £66 Underley Estate Office, £58 Low Mill House. Llyen £77, £63 Low Foulshaw Farm. BFL £71 Thursgill. Mule £70 Beckfoot Farm, £63 Garnett Folds, £62 Cracalt Farm, £60 Beckfoot Farm, £59 Wray Farm.
Cast Rams: BFL £100 Croft Foot Farm, £78 Ashstead, £71 Thursgill, £64 Low Longmire. Cont £88 Croft Foot Farm. Tex £85 Beckfoot Farm. Char £72 High Green. Llyen £70 Low Foulshaw Farm.

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