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Lancaster Store Cattle - Friday 4th November 2016

Posted Friday, 04 November 2016, 3.38pm

A huge entry of 158 Cast Cows and Over Thirty Month Cattle at Lancaster

Store Cattle

Once again a good number of cattle forward at Lancaster with over 400 catalogued. Not as many strong short keep cattle in the market today, but still plenty of quality on offer. Plenty of bullocks selling in excess of the £1,200 mark with well fleshed good quality bullocks selling in excess of the £1,300 barrier. Bullocks sold to a top of £1,330 from J & O Galbraith of Endmoor with a Charolais with British Blue bullocks selling to a top of £1,320 from JM & AG Swarbrick of Bensons Farm. Plenty of short keep native bullocks sold in the mid twelve hundreds. Heifers sold to a top of £1,160 twice firstly from J & M Maudsley & Sons of Raw Head with a pen of four Angus heifers with Hereford heifers from J & M Cottam of Hill Top. All vendors leaving pleased with the day’s trade.

OTM Cattle

A bumper entry of cast cows forward this week with 158 forward. All cows eagerly bid for from start to finish with the trade not altering. A strong trade for over thirty month old heifers saw British blue heifers sell to 199.5ppk from R & V Walmsley of Richmond Fold with black and white heifers selling to 149.5ppk or £867 from ME Wannop and Son of Heaton Hall. Beef cows sold in excess of 130ppk topping at 134.5 from JG & PH Thompson of Poppy Farm with a Limousin. Black and white cows topped at 134.5ppk from KE Robinson of Kiln Hall with plenty of meaty Black and White cows in and around 120ppk. Black and white cows sold to a top of £1,021.34 from H Halhead and Son of Lawsons Farm. an overall market average of just shy of 100ppk was achieved which considering the time of year and the quality of cows at this time of year is a very healthy average and vendors strongly urged to keep cows coming forward.

Calves and Stirks

An entry of 50 calves and stirks forward this week with the majority being beef calves which is always good to have. Beef bulls sold to a strong trade with plenty of farmer buyers in the market with heifer calves harder to place then seen over previous weeks. Beef calves topped at £415 for a British blue from JH Towers & Sons of Tunstall Hall with the consignment of British Blue bull calves from Philip Halhead of Norbreck always a credit to him selling to a top of £380 with a British blue bull. British blue heifers topped at £370 from J & G Thornley of Derby Lodge. Beef bulls calves regularly towards and in excess of the £300 mark. A great run of calves from David and Eileen Wallbank of Tils Farm saw Angus Bull Calves sell to £370. A younger entry of Black and White calves a slightly steadier trade this week.
An entry of Hereford heifer stirks from FP & G Slater of Bellart Howe sold to £520 and £500.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK – AA: £1270 North Farm; £1270 Low house £1260; Raw End Farm FR: £980 Bensons Farm; £950 New Brows Farm; £940 Bull Bank. SHO: £1120 Toulbrick Farm; £920 Low House; £620 Mains Lane. MRI: £920, Low House; £620 68 Mains lane. LIM: £1290 Station Hotel; £1230 North Farm; £1190 Ashmead farm. CHAR: £1330 Endmoor Farm, £1130 Ashmead Farm, £1100 Ashmead Farm. HERE: £1170 Windy Hill, £1120 Hill Top, £1100 High Green. SIM: £1280 North Farm £1000 Ashmead. BRB: £1320 Bensons Farm, £1290 Walmsley Fold, £1250 Endmoor Farm. MON: £1080 Low House, £990 Lane House, £930 Proctors Row. LNGH £1150 North Farm. FKV: £1050 Mains Lane, £750 Holme Head. BB: £780 Mount Murray, £670 Mount Murray.
STORE HEIFER- ANG; £1160 Raw End Farm, £1090 Eskew Beck, £1090 Windy Hill. LIM; £1090 Toulbrick Farm, £1030 High Green, £1020 High Green. CHAR; £1110 Toulbrick Farm, £1080 Ulpha Farm, £1020 Toulbrick Farm. HERE; £1160 Hill Top, £1110 Newsham Hall, £980 Boundary House. SIM; £740 Mount Murray. BRB; £1130 Walmsley Fold, £1110 Walmsley Fold, £1070 Highunderbrow Farm. FKV; £970 Carlingwha BB; £730 Mount Murray,£970 Carlingwha.

CAST COW- FRI; £134 Kiln Farm, £119 Moors Farm, £117 Moors Farm. ANG; £101 Mount Murray, £94 Bar Gap. CON; £101 Mount Murray. LIM; £134 Poppy farm, £129 Greenways, £124 Poppy Farm. CHAR; £131 Mount Murray. HERE; £117 Mount Murray, £114 Mount Murray, £111 Woodcocks Farm. SIM; £104 Mount Murray. STAB; £104 Parkhouse Farm. MON; £104 Lane House SRW; £117 Holme Head, £114 Holme Towers FKV; £117 Holme head BB; £134 Mount Murray ,£124 Mount Murray, £124 Cappelthwaite Farm.
CAST HEIFER- FRI; £149 Heaton Hall, £149 Heaton Hall, £144 Heaton Hall. LIM; £194 Barnfield Farm. BRB; £119 Richmond Hall.
CAST BULL- FRI; £84 Acliffe Hall LIM; £114 Mistle High, £ £109 Capplethwaite STAB; £119 Park house Farm.
CAST STEER- FRI; £134 Ribble Bank Farm.

BULL CALF- ANG; £370 Tills Farm, £220 Halfway House. FRI; £80 Tills Farm, £68 Cocker House, £68 North farm. HERE; £300 Redfields. SIM; £290 Sellery Farm, £230 Sellery Farm , £225 Sellery Farm. BRB; £415 Tunstall Hall, £370 Tills Farm, £380 Norbeck Farm.
HEIFER CALF- ANG; £125 Halfway House. HERE; £520 Bellart Howe,£520 Bellart Howe, £500 Bellart Howe. SIM; £250 Sellerly Farm, £250 Sellerly Farm, £230 Sellerly Farm. BRB; £370 Derby Lodge Farm, £355 Forton Hall Farm, £345 Tills Farm.

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