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Lancaster Monday 28th November

Posted Monday, 28 November 2016, 3.56pm

Spring Lambs
Following an improvement in trade last week a strong trade was expected at Lancaster, with a market average of 171ppk and an SQQ average of 174ppk, with vendors leaving well satisfied with the trade. The trade topped at £85 from J & R Waller of Hallbeck with a pen of Beltex lambs. Beltex type lambs sold to 191ppk from TR Prickett of Hutton Roof. Plenty of pens of commercial Texel lambs sold between 180ppk and 190ppk. Mule lambs in strong demand and good to sell today at Lancaster, the trade topped at £81.50 for 46kg from WI & A Atkinson of Holme House with all mule lambs forward averaging £78.49 or 175ppk with over a quarter of lambs forward in the market today being mules. Horned lambs in stronger demand for all weights with 41kg Dalesbred lambs selling to £69 from BD Gill of Yarlsber

Cast Sheep
A slighter smaller entry of sheep today, selling to a stronger trade. The day’s trade topped at £81 and then £80 for Texel ewes from K Whitakers & Son of Stirzakers Farm with plenty of strong ewes in the seventies. Mule ewes sold to a top of £70 from WM Pye of Tarnwater.

Prime Beef
There was just one prime bull forward today selling to its value.


PRIME LAMBS – BEL: £85 Hallbeck; £71.50 Oak Avenue; £69 Corney Hill Farm. TEX: £84.50 Newhouse Farm; £83 Low Bendrigg Farm; £84 Hutton Roof Hall. SUFF: £83 North Farm; £81 Fell End Farm. MULE: £81.50 Holme Head Farm; £80 Fell End Farm; £79.50 Bank Farm.CH: £80.50 Low Bendrigg; £80 High Hallbeck; £79.50 Stirzakers Farm CHEV: £79 Hutton Roof Hall. SCO: £75.50 Tarnwater Farm. MASH: £74.50 Fell End Farm; £69 Yarslber. LEI: £74 Fell End Farm; £74 Yarslber. DALES: £69.50 Yarslber; £64 Low Hall Beck. DORS: £68 Corney Hill Farm. SWALE: £65 Yates Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £81 Stirzakers Farm; £78 Tarnwater Farm; £76 Blackleach House Farm. CHEV: £76 Hutton Roof Hall. MULE: £70 Tarnwater Farm; £62 Tarnwater Farm; £59 Low Bendrigg. SWALE: £30 Holme House Farm; £30 Thornbush Farm.

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