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J36 Tuesday 8th November

Posted Wednesday, 09 November 2016, 9.48am

NWA - J36, Had on offer 1586 Prime Lambs and 471 Cast Sheep.

Prime Lambs

1586 - Prime lambs - Topping the trade today was a cracking 60kg Texel, realising £101, which was consigned by S P Pease, Underlay Estate Office. Top price per kilo for lambs 214p for a smart pair of 43kg Beltexs, consigned by P & T L Emundson Ltd, Low Hall Farm.

Trade was sharper for all weights and classes today, with buyers keenly bidding throughout the sale.

The lighter weight lambs, 32-39kg averaged 160p, with the tidy types hitting 170-180p.
Any nicely fleshed lambs 39.5-45kg, averaged 172p, with the quality animals making 190-200p. Lambs in the 45.5-51kg weight range, were making £80-90, and lambs that were over 52kgs were peaking at £90-95.

The overall sale average was 167.18p.

Cast Sheep

The cast sheep trade was brisker this afternoon, with all classes maintaining good rates throughout the sale.

Top price per head in the Cast ring was a Texel ram consigned by F Carr, Nissan Huts.
P K & R Woof, Storth End Farm, topped the ewe trade at £103, for Texels. Beltexs peaked to £86 from Rash Mill Cottage.

R H M & S Boyren, Hill Park hit the top spot of £83 for his Leicsters. In the Mule section, W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite Farm, realised £77. Hill breeds topped at £47 for Rough Fell's, from W & J Penny, Marsh Grange Farm.

460 Cast Ewes - avg - £50.10
11 Cast Rams - avg - £78.55


The monthly sale of all types of pigs including weaners, store and prime pigs had a bumper entry of 187 forward.
A tough trade was had with prime the only specification of pigs in demand selling to a strong trade as regularly seen at J36. Prime pigs sold to a top of £110 each for a pen of 11 white pigs from O’Rourke Farms of Dalbeattie with a pen of store pigs from the same good home selling to £60 each with a pen of 7. Better quality pigs created plenty of interest with traditional crossbred stores and weaners bad to place.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £101, £95 The Courtyard, £92 Hawkrigg End, £90 Hill Park, £89 Holme Scales Farm. Suff £93 Hawkrigg End, £92 Kit Cragg, £90 Park House Farm, Hill Park, £89 The Courtyard. Bel £92 Low Hall Farm, Holmelands. Char £86 Hill Park, Burnt House, £75.50 Kirket Nook, £75 Yealand Manor, £74 Hillcroft. BFL £77, £60 Low Newton Farm. Chev £76, £70 Seedhowe Cottages, £69 Green Lane End Farm, £68 Low Newton Farm, £65.50 Hall Bank. Mule £75 Hillcroft, £74 Gunnerthwaite, Heaton Hall, £73.50, £73 Heaton Hall.

Cast Ewes: Tex £103 Storth End Farm, £94 Harbarrow Farm, £90 Storth End Farm, £85 Ghyll Farm, Crosscrake Farm. Bel £86 Rash Mill. Suff £85 Coolingel Farm, £83, £75 Harbarrow Farm, £71 Ninezergh, £65 Arnside Tower. BFL £83 Hill Park, £78, £72 Coolingel Farm, £58 Ashstead. Chev £79 The Courtyard, £78 Ghyll Farm, The Courtyard, £72 Cinder Barrow, £66 School House. Mule £77 Ackenthwaite Farm, £75 Coolingel Farm, £72 Yeat House, £67 Coolingel Farm, £65 Ninezergh. Char £77 Harbarrow Farm. Lleyn £58 Birch Bank.

Cast Rams: Tex £117 Nissan Huts, £93 Old Smithy Cottage, £77 Coolingel Farm. Bel £106 Rash Mill Cottage. Suff £80, £70 Ackenthwaite Farm. BFL £70 Coolingel Farm. Chev £65 Green Lane End Farm. Zwart £64 Storth End Farm.

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