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J36 Tuesday 29th November

Posted Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 9.11am

Prime Sheep - (2281)

Topping the prime sheep today was T Parkin, Meadow Oaks, for 64kg Suffolk’s from T Parkin, Meadow Oaks, which realised £93
J & D Chapman, Wray Farm, sold a pair of Beltex's scaling 40kg which sold for 227.5p. Charollais bred lambs peaked at £87 consigned by R R & J A Knowles, Myers Farm. E Dodgson, Spital Farm, topped the Texel prices at £86, Hill bred lambs made £82 for Cheviots from L A & M Lambert, Brow Head.
F & S A Edmondson, Netherhouses Farm realised £81 for a pen of Mule's
Good shape lambs were selling away to 170-180p, heavier types, 50kg plus sold away from £85-£90. Lambs which were lighter and leaner were harder to sell.
2281 Prime Lambs avg - 160.71p

A strong entry of just shy of 600 Cast Sheep selling to a continued firm trade, despite weaker trades elsewhere in the country. A mixed entry of ewe’s, with alot being plain and lean. Good quality ewes were in short supply. Topping the day’s trade was a consignment of quality ewes from TS & SM park of Millom Castle selling to £99 for Texel ewes. All Texel ewes forward averaging in the mid-sixties to include the good, the bad and the ugly. Plenty of Texel ewes selling towards the late eighties regularly. Mule ewes sold to a top of £77 from Peter Woof of Stainton, strong mule ewes regularly towards the seventy pound mark. Llyen ewes sold to a top of £72 from P Knowles of Cragg Farm. A good number of horned sheep in the market selling to their value, with Rough ewes selling to £55 from Fishwick Farms, with strong fit horned ewes of all breeds selling towards £50 regularly.

A small selection of rams in the market looking tired and lean after a busy autumn, good to sell with more required to satisfy buyer’s needs. Lean rams selling to the late eighties.

PRIME LAMBS – SUFF: £93 Meadow Oaks; £92 Netherhouses Farm; £88 North Farm. BEL: £91 Wray Farm; £89 Poppy Farm; £78 Gibraltar Farm. CH: £87 Myers Farm; £79.50 Netherhouses Farm; £79 High Oxenfell. TEX: £86 Spital Farm; ££86 Low Longmire; £84.50 The Galleon. CHEV: £82 Brow Head; £75 Green Head; £70.50 Howriggs. MULE: £81 Netherhouses; £80 Catshaw Hall Farm; £76 Bank House Farm. SWALE: £70 Netherhouses Farm; £66 Middale Farm; £62 Low Newton Farm. DORS: £66 Brow Head. DALES: £62 Middale Farm. CONT: £61 Brow Head; £61 Bellart Howe. MASH: £60 Moss House Farm. LEI: £60 Low Newton Farm.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £99 Millom Castle; £87 Nook Farm; £85 Bank House Farm. SUFF: £87 Mint View; £84 Millom Castle; £81 Harbarrow Farm. MULE: £77 Storth End Farm; £70 Hollins Farm; £69 Maddison Avenue. CHEV: £67 Howriggs; £57 Moss House Farm; £57 Harbarrow Farm. LLEYN: £72 Cragg Farm. LEI: £69 Low Longmire; £61 Kit Cragg; £51 High Oxenfell. RGH: £55 Bank House Farm; £54 Croft Foot Farm; £50 Station Hotel. MASH: £55 Harbarrow Farm. SWALE: £51 Yoat Pot; £45 Catshaw Hall Farm; £44 Low Longmire. HRN: £49 Harbarrow Farm.

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