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J36 Thursday 24th November 2016

Posted Thursday, 24 November 2016, 10.27am

On Thursday 24th November NWA J36 had on offer 45 Calves, 22 Store Cattle and 49 Cast Cows at their fortnightly sale.


It was a British Blue bullock calf that topped the calf sale this morning, consigned by JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm, which realised £265. A British Blue Heifer, also from JW & D Robinson & Sons, topped the Heifer trade selling to £240.

Native bred calves sold to £255 for a Hereford consigned by AK & AM Robinson & Son, Kitchlow Farm and Limousin heifer calves were selling to £110, from BM Nelson & Son, Halforth Farm.
Stronger Friesian type calves sold away to £130 for a bull, from JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm. Trade today for calves was brisk for any continental types, strong type Friesians were well bid for with younger smaller black and white calves were harder to sell.

Cast Cows

A relatively strong show of cast cattle again this week at J36 with 49 forward. A lot of dairy cattle were forward this week with only a small amount of beef bred cattle.

Cull cattle sold well and to an eager ringside of regular buyers with all classes of cows selling to a good trade. Topping the trade this morning was a blonde cow from BT Atkinson, Meadow Veiw, at 134.5ppk or £1034.31. Topping the dairy cull cattle trade was B & MJ Nelson & Son, Halforth Farm at 99.5ppk or £799.98.

OTM heifers were also getting away well topping with a Holstein Frisian at 109.5ppk from Barker Farms LTD, Warton Grange.

Store Cattle

The fortnightly sale of Store Cattle saw a smaller entry with 22 cattle forward for the sale. It was a Aberdeen Angus Bullock from JE Read, Midllerigg that topped the sale, selling to £1010, Aberdeen Angus Heifers from the same home sold to the top price, for heifers, to £890.

A run of Continental Cattle from TW & J Beaty, Long Green Head Farm, saw Limousin bullocks and heifers sell to £860. Strong Friesian bullocks from JE Read, Mealrigg, realised £800 and British Blue heifers peaked at £680 from BT Atkinson, Meadow View, the same farm also topped the store bull trade at £760 with a Limousin.

Top Prices

BULL CALF: FRI: £130 Hollins Farm, £120 Kitchlow Farm, Hollins Farm, Elm Tree Farm, Kitchlow Farm. LIM: £160 Wyke Farm, £120 Halforth Farm. HERE: £255 Kitchlow Farm. BRIT BLUE: £265 Hollins Farm, £240 Sunny Bank. FKV: £150 Far Audlands.
HEIFER CALF: LIM: £110 Halforth Farm. BRIT BLUE: £240 Hollins Farm, £235 Sunny Bank, £210 Sunny Bank, £200 Hollins Farm, £180 Sunny Bank.

OTM COW: FRI: £99.50 Halforth Farm, Toadpool Farm, Mire House Farm. £94.50 Hawes Farm, Halforth Farm. £87.50 Warton Grange Farm, Halforth Farm, £84.50 Carter House, £81.50 Paddock View, £77.50 Warton Grange Farm. ANG: £94.50 Archers Hall, £49.50 Ashstead. SHO: £74.50 Strickley. CON: £87.50 Lickbarrow Farm, £71.50 Lickbarrow Farm. LIM: £127.50 Water Blean, £124.50 Low House, £119.50 Low House, £64.50 Low Newton Farm OTH: £84.50 Strickley. BRIT BLUE: £99.50 67 Laurel Gardens, Mireside Farm, £94.50 Water Blean, £84.50 Archers Hall. SRW: £79.50 Low Stanger, £77.50 Low Stanger. BLO: £134.50 Meadow View, £129.50 Meadow View, £111.50 Granby Road.
OTM HEIFER: FRI: £109.50 Warton Grange Farm, £104.50 Natland Park Farm.
CAST BULL: BLO: £97.50 Lile Yaks.

STORE BULLOCK: FRI: £800 Mealrigg, £490 Carter House. ANG: £1010 Mealrigg. LIM: £860 Long Green Head, £810 Long Green Head, £700 Carter. BRIT BLUE: £670 Meadow View. BLO: £690 Meadow View.
STORE HEIFER: ANG: £890 Mealrigg, £800 Mealrigg. LIM: £860 Long Gate Head. BRIT BLUE: £680 Meadow View, £600 Meadow View. BULL: LIM: £760 Meadow View.

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