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J36 Thursday 10th November 2016

Posted Thursday, 10 November 2016, 10.49am

NWA - J36 - Had forward today 59 Calves, 2 Stirks, 34 Store Cattle and 63 OTM Cattle.

Calves & Stirks

The sale of calves and stirks had an entry forward in excess of 60. An entry, once again, mainly consisting of 70% black and white calves, with a lot of young calves amongst the consignment. Weaned British Blue bull calves sold to £395 from The Drake family of Penrith. British Blue heifer calves sold to a top of £375 from PW & D Swindlehurst of Tranthwaite Hall. Plenty of British blue calves selling easily past the £300 mark. Three week old Angus bull calves sold to £290 from KE Robinson of Kiln Hall and young beef calves sold into the late two hundreds. Strong black and white bull calves sold to £170 from The Drake family of Penrith.

Store Cattle

There was 34 Store Cattle forward today, topping the bullock trade today was a very smart 15 month Limousin, consigned by J M Case & Son, Dendron Farm, Ulverston selling for £1030, it was also his shapely 17 month Limousin heifer that topped the heifer trade, which peaked at £980.

A consignment of Simmentals from JP & S Thorpe, Bowness Farm, Penrith, saw bullocks sell to £900 twice and heifers sell to £860 and £850. Native bullocks sold to a top of £680 for an Aberdeen Angus from FE & CM Robinson, Warth Sutton, Crooklands.

OTM Cattle

A fantastic entry of 63 Cast and OTM Cattle saw a 763kg Limousin, consigned by JJ Postlethwaite, Bramaskew, top the trade and realised £1003.35 or 131.5p/kg followed by Simentals from JE Weightman, Crabtree Farm selling to 114.5p/kg and Blonde Cow from BL Swindlehurst, Ings, also selling to 114.5p/kg.

OTM Heifers sold to a top price of £771.82 or 129.5p/kg for a British Blue consigned by I & A J Armer, Bowston Hall, Burneside.

Cast Bulls realised £895.50 or 99.5p/kg for a 900kg Limousin from Pearson & Jackson, Ellerbeck Farm.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £355 Flodder Hall, £270, £260 Tranthwaite Hall, £255 Hawkrigg Farm. Ang £290 Kiln Hall, £280 Elm Tree Farm. Here £105, £100, £95 Mount Pleasant. Fri £100 Cracalt Farm, £85 Bank View, £60 Birds Park, £58, £55 Bank View.
Heifer Calf: Brb £375 Tranthwaite Hall, £325 Flodder Hall, £300 Tranthwaite Hall, £240 Birds Park Farm, £190 Lupton Hall.
Bull Stirk: Brb £395 Whitestone Farm. Fri £170 Whitestone Farm.

Store Bullocks: Lim £1030, £980, £950 Dendron Farm, £860, £850 Capplerigg. Sim £900 Bowness Farm, £730 Marsh House Farm. Ang £680 Warth Sutton Farm, £540 Newton Farm. Brb £580 Middle Birkby Farm, £560 Whitestone.
Store Heifers: Lim £980 Dendron Farm. Sim £860, £850 Bowness Farm, £660 Marsh House Farm. Brb £740 High Barnes.

OTM Cow: Lim 131.5 Bramaskew, 124.5 Capplerigg, 119.5 Troughton Hall, Farleton Knott, 117.5 Capplerigg. Sim 114.5, 94.5 Crabtree Farm. Blo 114.5 Low House. Baz 109.5 Farleton Knott. BB 105.5 Troughton Hall. Brb 97.5 Low House. Ang 99.5 Garnett House. Fri 94.5 Lupton Hall, 87.5 Lockbank Farm, 84.5 Bridge End Farm, 81.5 Docker Hall Farm, 79.5 Bridge End Farm. Gal 89.5 Forest Hall. Sho 87.5 Strickley, 81.5 Cockley Beck Farm, 74.5 Strickley.
OTM Heifer: Brb 129.5 Bowston Hall. MRI 104.5 Piked Howe.
Cast Bull: Lim 99.5 Ellerbeck Farm, 87.5 Oaks Farm.

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