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Lancaster Monday 31st October 2016

Posted Monday, 31 October 2016, 5.12pm

Spring Lambs

A larger entry of prime lambs forward this morning at Lancaster with over 1,000 being sold selling to an improved trade from previous week with a busy ringside of buyers all looking for lambs. The lamb trade topped at £97 and £95 or 206ppk and 202ppk from Andrew Foy of Parkside with a run of quality Beltex lambs that where eagerly bid for. Plenty of consignments of mule lambs in the market sold very well with mules regularly selling £30 above their weight. Nice to see a few consignments of horned lambs in the market with light weight Swaledale lambs weighing 35kg selling to £54. Horned lambs topped at £68.50 for a pen of Dalesbred lambs from BD Gill of Yarlsber.

Cast Sheep

Topping the sale in the Cast Sheep sale this morning was a pair of Texel's, consigned by G R & A Foy, Parkside Farm, and they realised £95.

A pen of Texel Crosses realised £83, which were sold by A & J Rhodes, Low Kit Brow Mule ewes peaked at £64 for a pen from A & J Rhodes, Low Kit Brow.

Cast Sheep were selling to a sound trade today, with all classes keenly bid for.

Prime Cattle

A couple of prime bulls forward for the sale saw Montbeliarde bulls sell to 179.5ppk from GA Haston of Lane House.

PRIME LAMBS – BEL: £97 Parkside Farm; £86 Red Lodge; £79 Knowsley Farm; £78.50 Poppy Farm. CH: £85 Low Hall Beck; £78 Red Lodge; £76 Park Farm Barn. TEX: £85 Sykes Farm; £84 Hutton Roof Hall; £84 Parkside Farm. SUFF: £82 Fell End Farm; £78 Low Kit Brow; £77.50 Beaumont Gate. MULE: £76.50 Red Lodge; £76.50 Beaumont Gate; £76.50 Sykes Farm. MASH: £74 Yarlsber. HRN: £68.50 Yarlsber; £59.50 Fell End Farm. SWALE: £60 Yates Farm; £56 High House Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £95 Parkside Farm; £83 Low Kit Brow; £76 Low Highfield. MULE: £64 Low Kit Brow; £57 South Road. HERD: £63 Lee End Farm. SWALE: £44 Holme House Farm; £31 Millstones.

PRIME CATTLE – MON: 179.5 Lane House.

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