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Lancaster Monday 24th October 2016

Posted Monday, 24 October 2016, 4.30pm

Spring Lambs

A smaller entry of prime lambs then hoped for with more could of easily been sold today to the advantage of vendors especially with prime lamb trade finishing at the end of last week. A market average of 161ppk with them lamb weighing 39kg to 44kg averaging 164ppk. Tighter skinned continental lambs sold in excess of 170ppk topping at 191ppk for a couple of smart Beltex lambs from GR Bargh and Co of Caton with good quality lambs from the same home selling to a market top of £85. Mule lambs sold to a top of £72 from WM Pye of Tarnwater with plenty of pens of mules weighing in the mid-forties selling around the £70 mark. Consignment of Dalesbred lambs from BD Gill of Yarlsber sold to £65.

Cast Sheep

The weekly sale of cast ewes had once again a strong number of ewes forward with over 170 going under the gavel selling to a sharper trade then seen for a few weeks hopefully a sign of stronger trades too come with ewe numbers starting to tighten nationwide. Plenty of strong Texel ewes selling easily into the eighties topping at £87 from WP Pye of Tarnwater Farm with Harry Peters of Ridge Farm also selling ewes to £87. Mule ewes sold to £65 from T & CM Kelsal & Son of Brown Brook with plenty of pens of mule ewes in the early sixties. Horned ewes sold to £58 for strong well fleshed sheep from Harry Peters of Ridge Farm.

Prime Cattle

Three prime bulls in the market today all dairy bred saw Angus bulls sell to 181.5ppk and Montbeliarde bulls sell to 171.5ppk from GA Haston and Son of Galgate.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS – BEL: £85 Rye Close; £80 Hutton Roof Hall; £65 Beech Grove Farm. TEX: £83 Low Bendrigg Farm; £80.50 Bambers Farm. SUFF: £79 Lentworth Farm; £79 Walnut Tree; £78 Bambers Farm. CHAR: £74 Low Bendrigg Farm. MASH: £74 Allcocks Farm. MULE: £72 Tarnwater Farm; £70.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £70 Brown Brook. HAMP: £67 Rye Close. DALES: £65 Yarlsber.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £87 Tarnwater Farm; £87 Ridge Farm; £86 Brown Brook. CH: £85 Beech Grove Farm. CONT: £71 Brown Brook. SUFF: £69 Middle Lee Farm. ZWART: £67 Ridge Farm. MULE: £65 Brown Brook; £65 Ridge Farm; £62 Lentworth Farm. HRN: £58 Ridge Farm; £31 Farleton House. SWALE: £38 Sykes Farm; £32 Middle Lee.

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