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Lancaster Monday 10th October

Posted Monday, 10 October 2016, 4.36pm

NWA - Lancaster, had on offer 767 Prime Sheep, 182 Cast Sheep and 2 Young Bulls.


Topping the sale in the Prime Sheep ring this morning was G A Haston & Son, Lane House, Galgate,
for a pen of 50kg shapey Texel's, and realising £87.
Top price per kilo was 192p for a pair of smart Beltex's scaling 39kg, and consigned by
Ian T Richardson, Beech Grove House, Malley House.
Good quality lambs with a decent cover of meat were selling to 175p - 180p, and were keenly
bid for to fulfili buyers requirements.
Lighter lambs - 36-39kg that were meaty and shapey sold to good rates 170p - 175p.
The heavy type lambs met a solid trade this morning, £80-85, for weights 45-50kg.
Overall sale average today was 163p, which was better than anticipated.


Toppping the sale today was £77 for a pen of Mules consigned by J M Sander & Son,
Lower Highfeild, Hatton. In the continental section, a pen of Texel's consigned by
W M Pye, Tarnwater Farm, topped £71.
All classes of ewes met a firm demand this morning.


Top price for Young Bulls was £844.20 and 167.5p for a Mon, scaling 504kg, and consigned
by P & A Bell, Village Farm, Pilling.

Top Prices 

TEX: £87 Lane House; £83.50 Low Kit Brow; £77.50 Ellers. SUFF: £80 Low Kit Brow; £73.50 Beaumont Gate; £67.50 Tarnwater Farm. BEL: £78 Hutton Roof Hall; £75 Beech Grove House. HRN: £76 Beaumont Gate; £59 Fell End. MULE: £75 Highfield Farm; £73 Bank Farm. CHAR: £70.50 The Dingle. SWALE: £62 Clerk Laithe Farm. CONT: £58 Longstripes Farm. JAC: £33 Englenook.
Cast Sheep
MULE: £77 Lower Highfield; £73 Heights Farm. TEX: £71 Tarnwater Farm; £66 Heights Farm. CONT: £69 Tarnwater Farm. HERD: £52 Lee End Farm. CHEV: £50 Cragg Farm. SWALE: £48 Highfield Farm; £42 Wyresdale Park. JAC: £44 Englenook. ZWART: £32 Cragg Farm.
AA: 167.50 Village Farm. MON: 167.50 Village Farm.

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