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Lancaster Friday 7th October 2016

Posted Friday, 07 October 2016, 4.58pm

Successful Friday with over 600 Cattle going under the Gavel

Store Cattle
A large entry of store cattle forward once again with quality cattle and well fleshed cattle selling to a continued to a good trade with weathered cattle slightly harder to place this week. A consignment of continental bullocks from MS Dugdale & Sons of Tewitfield Farm saw British Blues sell to a top of £1,430 with another half a dozen from the same home selling to £1,370. Native cattle once again always selling very well at Lancaster topped at £1,370 from C Hargreaves & Son of Sunderland Point. There was 44 bullocks sold in excess of £1,200. Heifers sold to a top of £1,150 from D Clark of Challon Hall for a British Blue with short keep heifers selling around the £1,100 mark.

OTM Cattle
A smaller entry of other thirty month old cattle forward for the sale today with better weather and manty busy with an entry of 90 forward this week. The trade was stronger than last week with all types a better trade. The trade topped at 177.5ppk for a Blonde Cow from RW & FJ Rhodes of Low Moor Head with beef cows selling to a top gross of £1,124 from H Whittaker of Coaley Walks Farm with plenty of beef cows selling in excess of 160ppk. Dairy cows sold to a top of 119.5ppk or £875 from S Kellet & Sons of pilling Hall. All cast cows forward sold to a market average of 100.4ppk.
There continues to be a strong trade for OTM Heifer and steers at Lancaster with Charolais heifers selling to a top of 184.5ppk from TN Pye & partners of Langthwaite Heights with bullocks from the same home selling to 159.5ppk. Black and white OTM heifers sold to 131.5ppk or £716 from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son of Holme House.

Calves and Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves and stirks had a smaller entry this week following the monthly sale of stirks last week. A strong trade throughout the sale for both beef and black and white calves. Once again a fantastic consignment of calves from David and Eileen Wallbank of Tills Farm saw British Blue bull calves sell to £450 and £430 with Angus bull calves from the same home selling to £335. British Blue heifers from DJ Clarke of Barnacre sold to a top of £350, young beef calves regularly sold into the late two hundreds. Best types of young Friesian bull calves sold in excess of £110 from David and Eileen Wallbank of Tills Farm with all black and white calves very eagerly bid for and vendors leaving pleased with their trade selling to an average of £70.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £350 Kellbrick Farm; £230 Manor House Farm. HE: £270 Cocker House Farm; £220 Great Eccleston Hall. AA: £295 Tills Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £450 Tills Farm; £300 Manor House Farm. AA: £335 Tills Farm; £300 Half Way House. HE: £295 Catshaw Hall Farm. FR: £110 Tills Farm; £85 Cocker House Farm.
BULL STIRK – HE: £545 Bellart Howe.
HEIFER STIRK – AA: £365 Applegarth.
BULLOCK STIRK – HE: £570 Bellart Howe.

CAST COW – BA: 177.5 Low Moor Head Farm; 119.5 Beckside. HE: 164.5 Coaley Walks Farm; 107.5 Cringleber. LIM: 159.5 Avondale; 119.5 Cringleber ; 119.5 Croft Foot Farm. AA: 134.5 Post Office Farm; 109.5 Cringleber. MON: 134.5 Hillock Farm; 117.5 Walker I’th Fields. FR: 119.5 Sweetings Farm; 119.5 Pilling Hall; 117.5 Lambrigg Head.
CAST HEIFER – CHAR: 184.5 Langthwaite Heights. NOR: 134.5 Park Lane Farm FR: 131.5 Holme House Farm. LIM: 124.5 Lambrigg Head Farm.
CAST STEER – CH: 159.5 Langthwaite Heights.

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1430 Tewitfield Farm; £1330 Walmsley Fold; £1240 Greenlands Farm. AA: £1370 Sunderland Brows Farm; £1330 Yealand Manor; £1300 Kirkham Road. LIM: £1370 Tewitfield; £1280 Low House; £1170 Moss Head. CH: £1350 Kilburn House; £1330 Yealand Manor; £1300 Kilburn House. SIM: £1280 Tewitfield; £1240 Forton Bank Farm; £1200 North Farm. SHO: £1270 Walmsley Fold. FKV: £1230 Ninezergh; £1160 Sowerby Lodge. MON: £1110 Sowerby Lodge; £1020 Low House. HE: £1080 Cock Hall Farm; £980 Trapp Farm; £980 Brockhurst Farm. SLR: £1060 Ingrave Farm. SD: £1000 Whaitber; £960 Adlington Hall Farm. FR: £950 Sunderland Brows Farm; £820 Lodge Farm; £820 Higher Broadwood Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1150 Challon Hall Farm; £1090 Roseacre Hall; £1020 Hawkrigg End. AA: £1130 Sowerby Lodge; £1090 Mill Farm; £1070 Church Street. LIM: £1130 Challon Hall Farm; £1000 High House Farm; £990 High Fell Gate. HE: £1090 Raw Head; £940 Cockrigg Farm. CH: £1050 Langhtwaite Heights; £1020 Gunnerthwaite. FR: £800 Fencefoot Farm.

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