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Lancaster Friday 28th October 2016

Posted Friday, 28 October 2016, 1.23pm

Store Cattle

There was 227 Store Cattle forward this week at Lancaster, despite 1 or 2 buyers missing, there was a strong ringside of bidders, with a large amount of vendors happy with their trade. Again, well fleshed cattle sold to an advantage. Topping the market today was a Hereford bullock at £1320 from JS Clark & son, Godson House Farm, with quite a lot of cattle over
the £1200 mark.

Topping the heifer trade was a pair of Angus Heifers at £1140 consigned from AJ & D Knowles, Windy Hill Farm.

Cast Cows

A strong show of 119 cull cattle forward this week with all classes of cows a fraction dearer compared with previous weeks. Topping the trade was a cow from R&J Jenkinson, Holmes Farm, at 139.5 ppk or £976.5.
7 cast bulls forward as well this week selling to a top of 201.5ppk or £1331.92 for a lim from M&L Preece, High House Farm.


Topping the calf sale this morning was a Limousin Bull consigned by J Bargh & Son, North Farm, which realised £350.
Heifers topped at £250 for a British Blue which was consigned by J Hoggarth & Sons of Manor House Farm.
Calves met a good steady trade throughout the sale, British Blue and Continental types were keenly bid for, as were the well-bred stronger Black and Whites. The smaller Black and White Calves were harder to cash.


It was our monthly special sale of stirks today and there was a cracking entry put forward with a well-supported ringside of buyers.

Topping the trade was a pen of Shot Horn/Aberdeen Angus Heifers consigned by J & DE Mitchell & Son, Snapewood Farm, realising £600.

Steer Stirks sold to £605 for a pen of Mons which were consigned by JS Taylor, Farm Dale Road.

In the Bull Stirk section, it was an Aberdeen Angus which peaked at £450 from Mason and Birkland Barrow of Over Kellet.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK – HE: £1320 Godson House Farm; £1070 Old Glasson Farm; £990 Squires Gate Farm. MON: £1280 Godson House Farm; £1020 Church Farm. BRB: £1240 Endmoor Farm; £1240 Daniel Fold Farm; £1200 Dunningwell Farm. AA: £1240 Park House Farm; £1190 Daniel Fold Farm; £1160 Cliftons Farm. LIM: £1200 Dunningwell; £1110 Endmoor Farm; £1090 Station Hotel. FKV: £1180 Godson House Farm; £1100 Ninezergh; £1040 Squires Gate Farm. SIM: £1170 Gibraltar Farm; £1150 Park House Farm; £1100 Ninezergh. NOR: £1060 Ninezergh. FR: £1060 Ninezergh; £970 North Farm; £900 Hill Top.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1140 Windy Hill; £990 Clawthorpe Lodge; £990 Park House Farm. BRB: £1090 Dunningwell Farm; £1090 Yew Tree Farm; £1010 Long Streets Darm. LIM: £1090 Warth Sutton Farm; £1030 Sandy Dean; £980 Station Hotel. SIM: £950 Park House Farm; £900 Long Streets Farm. HE: £940 Corney Hill; £930 Windy Hill Farm. CH: £910 Brunstow.

CAST COW – BRB: 139. 5 Holmes Farm; 117.5 Bank House Farm. AA: 131.5 Hill Top; 114.5 Holgate Park; 107.5 Stirzakers Farm. LIM: 124.5 Dubside; 119.5 Hill Top. SIM: 124.5 Throstle Nest Farm. FR: 121.5 Parrox Hall Farm; 117.5 Richmond Hall; 114.5 Midge Hall Farm. BA: 117.5 Dubside. SRW: 117.5 Holme Head; 104.5 White Lund Farm. NOR: 109.5 Hawkrigg Farm. HE: 104.5 Cockrigg Farm.
CAST HEIFER – LIM: 169.5 Cockrigg Farm; 144.5 Warth Sutton Farm. BRB: 139.5 Brow Foot Farm. FR: 134.5 Bracken Lea Farm; 109.5 Bilsborrow Hall Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 139.5 Gibraltar Farm.
CAST BULL – LIM: 201.5 High House Farm; 121.5 Broad Head; 111.5 Cockrigg. FR: 107.5 Gibraltar Farm; 97.5 Park House.

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