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Lancaster Friday 21st October 2016

Posted Saturday, 22 October 2016, 8.41am

Cull Cows

A strong entry of one hundred and five over thirty month cattle forward this week at Lancaster, a poorer show of cows forward on the past few weeks due to the time of year. Meaty cows sold well and were very sort after. Over thirty month steers and heifers were selling steady away to a top price of 149.5p/kg from G R Park & Sons for a Friesen steer. Cast cows topped at 169.5p/kg for a Blonde cows from JJ&J Woof & Sons, Millbeck Bunglow.

Calves and Stirks

A similar entry of calves forward this week sold well to an eager ringside of buyers. There was demand for continental beef calves with a shortage to meet customer demands. Topping the sale this morning was a British Blue bull at £415 from Wallbank Farms LTD, Tills Farm. Topping the heifers was also a British Blue from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton Hall Farm. Native bred calves sold well to a top price of £310 for an Angus bull form FA Brown & Son, Half Way House.
A small selection of stirks forward this week. Topping was a Simental steer selling for £720 from RJ Smalley, Markfeild Farm.

Store Cattle

Again, a quieter week with just 336 head of store cattle forward saw a strong show of well fleshed cattle today selling well to a strong ringside of buyers, whereas not just as well fleshed cattle were found to be harder to sell with a lot of buyers sheds filling up. Topping the market was a Charolais bullock at £1300 from DE Moorhouse, High House Farm. Well fleshed short term bullocks were exceeding the £1200 mark. Topping the native bred bullocks was an Angus at £1260 from J&M Maudsley & son, Raw End Farm.
Heifers sold to a top of £1150 for a British Blue from JD&GM Bracken, Greenlands.
Holstien Friesian bullocks sold to a top of £1160 from H Birkett & Son, North Farm.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1300 High House Farm; £1200 Sowerby Lodge; £1200 Langthwaite Heights. LIM: £1290 North Farm; £1180 Fellside Farm; £1120 Colloway Farm. SIM: £1210 Gibraltar Farm; £1010 Wyre Farm; £900 Park House Farm. BRB: £1170 North Farm; £1170 Hill Top; £1100 Gibraltar Farm. HE: £1170 Kirkham Road; £1160 Longlands Farm; £1050 Toulbrick Farm. FR: £1160 North Farm; £900 Park House Farm. LNGH: £1070 North Farm. FKV: £1050 Squires Gate Farm. MON: £1030 Longlands Farm; £900 Fanny House Farm. SHO: £930 Cock Hall Farm; £910 Miller House Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1140 Yew Tree Farm LIM: £1080 High House Farm; £1030 Holmes Farm; £1010 Lambrigg Head Farm. CH: £1080 Langthwaite Heights. SD: £1070 Sowerby Lodge.BLO: £1050 Lower Swainhead Farm. HE: £1020 Heald Farm; £950 Yew Tree Farm; £930 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1000 Walmsley Fold; £1000 Waltons Farm. FR: £950 Boldens Farm.

CAST COWS – BA: 169.5 Millbeck Bungalow. HE: 159.5 Coaley Walks Farm; £104.5 Abbey Manor. FR: 134.5 Ridding Lane Farm; 129.5 Bowsber Farm; 119.5 Allcocks Farm. LIM: 129.5 Poppy Farm; 121.5 Mireside Farm. BRB:129.5 Todgill Farm; 124.5 Oak Head Farm; 121.5 Fell End Farm; 117.5 Poppy Farm. SR: 119.5 Holme Head. SLR: 114.5 Ingrave Farm. SRW: 107.5 White Lund Farm. AA: 104.5 Abbey Manor. SHO: 104.5 Abbey Farm.
CAST HEIFER- FR: 129.5 Langhtwaite Heights; 104.5 Deerslet Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 149.5 Low Deepslack;119.5 Lane Head Farm.
CAST BULL – LIM: 119.5 Lane Head Farm; 117.5 Foredales Farm. CON: 119.5 Ingrave Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £305 Forton Hall Farm; £295 Manor House Farm. HE: £295 Kitchlow Farm. SIM: £295 Sellerley Farm. AA: £205 Tills Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £415 Tills Farm; £330 Kitchlow Farm; £315 Manor House Farm. SIM: £330 Sellerley Farm. HE: £325 Kitchlow Farm. AA: £310 Half Way House. FR: £108 High Snab.
BULL STIRK – AA: £480 Higher Hollinhead Farm. FR: £240 High Snab.
HEIFER STIRK – AA: £280 Higher Hollinhead Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – SIM: £720 Markfield Farm.

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