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J36 Tuesday 25th October 2016

Posted Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 9.38am

Prime Lambs

The largest entry of prime lambs forward seen for some time at J36 with just shy of 1,800 forward selling to an improved trade. Buyers were all keen to purchase lambs with a better entry of lambs forward this week in terms of finish and quality.

Export quality lambs were in strongest demand at J36 for Beltex lambs selling in excess of 200p/kg topping at 207p/kg from AR & C Fawcett of Silverhow Farm. Beltex lambs topped the market at £93.50 and £93 from Peter Edmondson of Low Hall. Heavier lambs were easier to sell today with lambs around the 50kg mark selling to the mid-eighties. Standard weight lambs between 39 and 45kg eagerly bid for and selling to a market average of 168p/kg with an overall average of 166p/kg.

Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £88 for a pen of 34 lambs from Frank Edmondson of Nether Houses. It was good to see more Mule lambs in the market today selling to a top of £80 from JM Simpson of The Lodge with pens of well fleshed lambs in mid-forties kilograms selling to £75-£76 and all mule lambs forward sold to a market average of in the early seventies.

Cast Sheep

A fantastic entry of 700 cast sheep forward this week sold to a very similar trade as seen the previous week, with powerful ewes but not fat certainly in strongest demand and easiest to sell.

Texel ewes topped at £91 from SW Atkinson and Son of Capplerigg Farm with plenty stronger continental ewes selling in the eighties. Mule ewes sold to a top of £68 from SW Atkinson and Son of Capplerigg Farm with plenty of mule ewes selling in the mid-sixties. Horned ewes sold to a similar trade as previous week.

Prime Pigs

The prime pig sale held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at J36 had an entry of 35 prime pigs forward with a mixed show of pigs but well fleshed pigs and good confirmation selling to a strong advantage and selling well to regular buyers. Topping the market was a 110kg gilt from PK&R Woof, Storth End Farm, selling for £140. The top pence per kilogram was a fantastic pen of 3 gilts also from PK&R Woof, Storth End Farm. Topping at 138ppk.The overall average was 108ppk or £93.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £93.50 Low Hall Farm, £88, £87 Poppy Farm, £86 Low Hall Farm, £83 Silverhow Farm. Tex £93 Low Hall Farm, £90 Carlingwha, £89, Low Brundrigg, £87.50 Low Brundrigg, Dunningwell. Suff £88 Netherhouses, Meadow Oakes, £86 Hill Park, Dunningwell Farm, £85.50 Low Bendrigg. Char £86 Myers Farm, £79 Myers Farm, Crabtree Farm, £76.50 Myers Farm, £74 Owlnook. Mule £80 The Lodge, £76 Hill Croft, £75 Red Scar, Bramaskew, £70 Kit Cragg. Chev £76 Seedhowe Cottages, £75 Green Head, £73 Orchard House, £70 Seedhowe Cottages.

Cast Ewes: Tex £91 Capplerigg, £84 Collingel Farm, £83 High House Farm, £80 Silverhow Farm, £76 Haveriggs Farm. Suff £80 Moss Side, £73 Boundary Beck, £71 Low Borrow Bridge, £70, £69 Ninezergh. Chev £72 Ballachrink Farm, £60 Hill Farm, £57 High House Farm, £56 Hill Farm, £53 School House. Mule £68 Capplerigg Farm, £67 Hill Farm, £66 Capplerigg, Bowkerstead Farm, Ninezergh. Swale £68 Coolingel Farm, £50 High Borrans Farm, £44 Low Haygarth. Zwart £68 Hill Farm. Mash £66 Low Borrow Bridge, £61 Low Greenriggs, Low Bendrigg Farm. Dors £66, £57 Coolingel Farm. Sco £59 Coolingel Farm, Ballachrink Farm, £47 Roundthwaite Abbey Farm. Rough £54 Low Deepslack, Greenriggs, £51 Crabtree Farm, £49 Low Borrow Bridge, Steps Farm.
Cast Ram: Tex £78 Capplerigg, £53 Coolingel Farm, £40 Holly Cottage. Rough £67 Low Borrow Bridge. Jac £58 Crook Hall Farm.

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