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J36 Tuesday 11th October 2016

Posted Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 11.44am

NWA - J36. Had forward 1743 Prime Lambs, 786 Cast Sheep, 42 Store Pigs and 39 Prime Pigs at there weekly sale.


The monthly sale of all types of pigs to include prime, store, weaner and cast sows and boars had a strong entry of 81 forward. As seen over previous weeks a good following of prime pig buyers at j36 so another strong prime pig trade. Pietrain cross pigs from O’Rourke Farms of Dalbeattie sold to a top of £124 or 143pence per kilo with plenty of prime pigs selling in excess of 3110 and plenty of good confirmation gilts and hogs selling between 120 and 140 pence per kilogram. Breeders and finishers are strongly advised to castrate all pigs with gilts and hogs selling to a premium and certainly of finical advantage to the vendors. Store Tamworth’s gilts and hogs sold to £62 from John Handley of School House with Pietrain cross weaners selling to a top of £52 from Ben Harrison of Windermere.

The next sale of Prime pigs will take place on Tuesday 25th October 2016, vendors are strongly advised to inform Ian Atkinson of Entries so buyers can be informed of numbers coming forward.

Prime Lambs

Top price in the prime sheep today was £104 twice, firstly for a pair of 60kg Texel's, consigned by C Gawthrop, 44 Summerhill, Bootle, and secondly for a 60kg Texel, consigned by J J Postlethwaite, Bramaskew, Howgill. Top price per kilo for lambs was a Texel scaling 40kg and realising 240p, and consigned by
K Thomas, Hill Top Farm, Firbank

The overall sale average was 164.23p.

The lighter lambs, 32-38kg, that were in good condition were making from 170-180p. Handyweight lambs scaling39-44kg, and had shape and quality were selling to 190-200p. Lambs that were scaling 45-50kg with a nice cover of meat were keenly bid for, 175-185p. The heavyweight types, from 51kg plus sold to a solid trade, from £88-98.

Cast Sheep

The weekly sale of cast sheep had a larger entry of over 700 forward this week, as seen nationwide the cast sheep trade a shade steady then seen over previous weeks. Cast rams sold to a top of £109 for a Charolais x Beltex tup from JA Chapman of North Lodge Farm. Continental cast ewes sold into the eighties topping at £86 from DW & NM Alderson of High Green with numerous pens selling in the late seventies. Pens of mule ewes sold to the mid-sixties for powerful ewes topping at £66 from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall. Horned ewes harder to place today with Swaledale ewes selling to a top of £53 from JW Thwaites of Eskew Beck.

Top Prices 

Prime Lambs

Tex £104 Bramaskew, Summerhill, £96 Hill Top Farm, £94 Hawes Farm, £90 North Lodge, £89 Millom Castle, Crabtree Farm. Char £98 Myers Farm, £83.50 Yealand Manor, £79 High Green, Myers Farm, £78.50 Myers Farm, £77 High Green, Yealand Manor. Suff £93.50 Crooklands Brow, £90 Garnett Folds, £87 High House Farm, £86 Smithy Green, £85.50 Low Brundrigg. Bel £90 Low Hall Farm, £87.50 Poppy Farm, £86.50 Low Hall Farm, £85 Low Hall Farm, Poppy Farm. Cont £75 Brow Head. Mule £72.50 Bramaskew, £70.50 Tongue House Farm, £68.50 Seedhowe Cottages, £67 Yoad Pot, £64.50 The Coach House. Chev £67, Seedhowe Cottages, £65 Green Lane End. Llyen £67, £56 Gaitbarrow Farm.

Cast Ewes

Char £86 High Green, £85, £80 Ballavitchell, £74, £60 High Green. Tex £85 Cooilingel Farm, £77 Hutton Roof Hall, £76 Kirket Nook, £75, £74, £72 Cooilingel Farm. Suff £85 Smithy Green Farm, £75 New Close, £68 Hawes Farm, £67 High Green, Gilpin Green Farm, £66 High Green. Lei £70 Moss Head, £69 Kit Cragg. Mule £66 Flodder Hall, £65 High Green, £63 Stoney Farm, £60 High Biggarsbank, Croft meadow House. Chev £61 Hill Top Farm, £59 Hutton Roof Hall.

Cast Rams

Bel £109 North Lodge. Suff £86 East Ridding. Tex £85, £79, £68 Cooilingel Farm.

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