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J36 Thursday 13th October 2016

Posted Thursday, 13 October 2016, 6.18pm

North West Auctions J36 had 93 Calves & Stirks, 45 OTM Cattle and 87 Store Cattle at the fortnightly sale.


A large entry of Calves and Stirks this week saw a British Blue bull calf topping the sale, realising £440, and consigned by R Morris-Eyton & Son, Beck Side, Whicham and leading the heifer calf trade was a British Blue, which sold for £355, and was consigned by J W & T E Sharp, Flodder Hall, Lyth.

There was a brisk trade for continentals and native bred calves and Black and White calves, that were well bred and stronger, sold to a sound trade, topping at £115 for a bull calf, consigned by R J & K R Wilkinson, High Foulshaw Farm.

Native bred calves met a top price of £250 for an AA bull, consigned by H J Robinson & Son, Elm Tree Farm, Preston Patrick, with Stirks selling to £360 for a Hereford bull,consigned by F P & G Slater, Bellart Howe, Witherslack.

75 Bull Calves avg. - £96.40
16 Heifer Calves avg. - £162.69
2 Bull Stirks avg. - £280.00


The trade for the OTM cattle was definitely sharper on the week, and they were in demand.
Black & White types sold to a top of 121.5p, scaling 465kg, and consigned by G M Strong, School Hill, Maulds. Continentals bred cows sold were selling from 105-110ppkg.

OTM Cows, sold to a top of £915.45 and 127.5p for a 718kg Stab, consigned by A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg, Selside.

OTM Bulls, topped the sale at £1019.10 and 107.5p for a 948kg Limousin, consigned by R I Dixon, Low Newton Farm.

44 OTM Cows avg - 90.01p
1 OTM Bull avg - 107.5p


There was a good show of 87 Store Cattle on sale at today’s sale, where all classes met a good trade for the young show of cattle forward. Topping the sale today was a Friesian Bullock from R & A Galbraith, Carter House and also a Limousin Bullock from R Cowin & Sons, Hawkrigg Farm. The Heifers saw a top price of £880 for Charolais from JC Walling & Son, Dawson Fold. Native Bred types topped at £920 for AA bullocks from J A & D E Batty & Sons, Laithwaite, Burneside with the trade favourable with other markets for all stock forward.

46 Bullocks avg - £772.39
41 Heifers avg - £669.46

The next sale of Calves, Cast Cows, TB Restricted Cast Cows and Store Cattle will take place on Thursday 27th October which will also include the second show and sale of suckled calves. Please advise the office of entries for the catalogue by Thursday 20th October.

Top Prices

OTM Cow: Stab 127.5, 114.5 Kit Cragg. Fri 121.5 School Hill, 114.5, 105.5 Halforth, 104.5 Burneside Hall, Docker Hall Farm, 94.5, 91.5 Mealrigg. Lim 109.5 Old Croft, Burney End, 107.5 Bramaskew, 101.5 Kendal Ground Farm, 99.5 Bramaskew, 94.5 Kendal Ground Farm. Sim 109.5 Bowston Hall. Brb 94.5 Bowston Hall, 89.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 87.5 Low Sizergh Farm, School Hill.
Cast Bull: Lime 107.5 Low Newton Farm.

Store Bullocks: Lim £930, £920 Hawkrigg Farm, £900 Fold Farm, £890 Forest Hall, £860 Audlands Park, £830 Fold Farm. Fri £930, £660 Carter House. Ang £920 Laithwaite, £800 Capplerigg, £760 Laithwaite, £740 Barkin House Farm. Char £900 High Wray Farm, £850 Dawson Fold. Here £800 Bellart Howe. Brb £780 Laithwaite, £770 Low House, £750 Laithwaite.
Store Heifers: Char £880 Dawson Fold, £760 High Wray Farm, £740 Dawson Fold, £660 High Wray Farm. Brb £850 Hipshow, £800 Hawkrigg Farm, £790 Archers Hall, £760 Hawkrigg Farm, £690 Laithwaite. Lim £800 Fold Farm, £720 Forest Hall, £710 Hawkrigg Farm, £650 Sowermire, £640 Bradley Farm. Ang £760 Barkin House Farm, £690 Archers Hall, £600 Barkin House Farm, £590, £500 Laithwaite.

Bull Calf: Brb £440 Beck Side, £395, £390 Flodder Hall, £360 Ormside, £310 Beck Side, £295 Townhead Farm. Ang £250 Elm Tree, £215 Beck Side. Lim £225 Beck Side. Sho £170 Broad Oak. Fri £115 High Foulshaw Farm, £112 Hagg Farm, Flodder Hall, £110 Greaves Farm, £98, £95 Docker Hall.
Heifer Calf: Brb £355, £270 Flodder Hall, £245 Wraysholme Tower, £205 Townhead Farm. Sim £235 Beck Side. Here £210, £185, £180, Mount Pleasant. Lim £80 Halforth.
Bull Stirk: Here £360, £200 Bellart Howe.

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