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Lancaster Monday 8th January

Posted Friday, 08 January 2016, 4.11pm

Store Cattle

The store cattle trade was a lot stronger than anticipated and far dearer than many buyers expected especially in contrast to some reports of store cattle trades nationwide this week. A varied entry of all types of cattle were met by a busy ring side of buyers, eager to purchase all types today, more could of easily been sold to the vendors advantage. Heavy short keep steers easily selling over the twelve hundred pound mark topping at £1300 for a Charolais from TN Pye and Partners of Langthwaite Heights who also topped heifers with a Charolais selling to £1290. All steers forward averaged £1003. Young cattle saw eight month old Hereford steers sell to £700 from Stuart Taylor of Scotforth.

OTM Cattle

The opening sale of cast cows in 2016 had an entry of 90 forward with a surprisingly good trade with a couple of fresh faces around the ring. All types of cows noticeably dearer than before the Christmas break. Best types of beef cows selling in excess of 150 pence per kilo topping at 157.5ppk for a pure bred Limousin from Nether Hall Farms. Black and white heifers sold to 135.5ppk, cows sold to a top of 119.5ppk with good fit cows selling over 100ppk with all black and whites averaging 99ppk.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

A good show of 76 calves forward this morning to start 2016. Black and white calves remain in demand with a number of farmer buyers ringside. Allan and Thomas Ward topped trade at £120, nice rearing sorts £80-£100 with small calves a shade less. Beef calves a little harder to place and prices falling in line with the prime cattle trade. Blue Bulls to £320 from Steven Robinson and Blue heifers to £270 from Wallbank Farms and S & IA Robinson. Native bred calves a better trade than continentals in comparison, with Angus bulls realising £300 from JM & MH France, and heifers £210. Limousins to £335 for nice strong bulls from JH Towers & Son. A couple of Angus Heifer stirks to finish the sale realised £300.

Store Hoggs

A small entry of store hoggs sold to a strong trade with more easily could have been sold at Lancaster. Short keep Texel’s selling to £58.50 and medium keep Texel’s and Suffolk’s selling to £49 and £54.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1300 Langthwaite Heights; £1220 High House; £1140 Cringleber. LIM: £1280 The Bungalow; £1260 High House; £1260 Millbeck. SIM: £1280 Langthwaite Heights; £1240 Croppers Farm; £1090 Daniel Fold Farm. BRB: £1250 Abrahams Farm; £1190 Newshaw Hall Farm; £1180 Middle Grange Farm. MON: £1230 Newsham Hall Farm; £1130 Cragg Farm; £1080 Middle Grange Farm. AA: £1190 High Green; £1140 Moss House Farm; £1140 Underhelm Farm. SHO: £1190 Hill Top. HE: £1080 Wyre Farm; £930 Windy Hill Farm. ST: £1070 Cringleber. FR: £900 Rowell Farm; £850 Fanny House Farm; £850 Croft House. SLR: £1190 Cringleber. BAZ: £1160 The Bungalow. BA: £1120 Intack Farm; £910 Old Woodhouse. WB: £990 Windy Hill Farm. AY: £740 Stanworth Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – CH: £1290 Langthwaite Heights; £1130 Gunnerthwaite; £1100 High House. LIM: £1150 Fern Lea; £1030 High House; £1000 Hawkrigg End. BRB: £1130 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1070 Rowell Farm; £1060 Hawkrigg End. AA: £1090 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1090 Rowell Farm; £1040 Intack Farm. SIM: £1090 Croppers Farm; £1030 High House; £940 Bradley Farm. FKV: £1080 Holme Head. SLR: £1030 High House. FR: £870 Johnson House. MON: £870 Johnson House.

CAST COWS – LIM: 157.5 Nether Hall Farm; 124.5 High House Farm; 119.5 Spital Farm. BRB: 154.5 High House Farm; 117.5 High Tenement Farm; 109.5 Causeway Farm. BA: 129.5 Causeway Farm; 124.5 Moss House Farm. SIM: 121.5 Moss House Farm; 117.5 Hartrigg; 111.5 Slack Farm. FR: 119.5 Holme Head; 117.5 High House; 114.5 Docker Hall.

CAST HEIFER – BS: 149.5 High House. FR: 135.5 High House; 131.5 Kitchen Ground Farm; 129.5 Tunsteads Farm.

CAST BULL – LIM: 134.5 Thornbush Farm; 127.5 High Tenement Farm. FR: 107.5 The Hill.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £210 Tills Farm. BRB: £270 Tills Farm; £270 Longber Farm; £255 Tunstall Hall.

BULL CALF – LIM: £335 Tunstall Farm. BRB: £320 Longber Farm; £142 North Farm. AA: £300 Newhouse Farm; £300 Longber Farm; £290 Tills Farm. SIM: £270 Sellerley Farm. SRW: £235 Sandvilla. FR: £120 Ancliffe Hall Farm; £100 Blackwood End; £98 Catshaw Hall Farm.

HEIFER STIRK – AA: £300 Wyre Farm.

STORE LAMBS – TEX: £58.50 Cliftons Farm. SUFF: £54 Cliftons Farm.

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