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Lancaster Monday 25th January

Posted Monday, 25 January 2016, 3.29pm

Prime Hoggs

An entry comprising of mixed quality prime hoggs this morning led to a market average of 166ppk. Well finished lambs in specification were good to sell and more could have been sold to vendors’ advantage with lambs lacking finish penalised. Lambs to 190ppk from Chris Jackson of Springs Farm with plenty of well fleshed lambs easily selling around 180ppk. Mule hoggs sold to £78 from H Morgan of West Lynn with majority of pens of mules selling roughly thirty pound above there weights. Horned hoggs saw Scottish Blackface hoggs sell to £69.50 from William Pye of Tarnwater weighing 42kg.

Cast Sheep

A good show numbers wise this morning at Lancaster. However a couple of buyers missing resulted in a slightly sticky trade. James Sanderson of Halton topped the sale with a pure Texel ewe realising £98. Tups to £87 for a pair of Texels from T & ME Longton & Son, Quernmore. Mules sold to £62 from DJ Casson, Slyne. Hill bred sheep to £48 for Scotch Blackface ewes from WM Pye, Scotforth.

Prime Cattle

An entry of five prime cattle forward today. Three bulls all bred from dairy herd sold to 179.5ppk for a British Blue from E & N Wright & Sons of Allcocks Farm with a Friesian bull from the same home selling to 149.5ppk. A couple of prime heifers from P & A Bell of Village Farm sold to 174.5ppk for a Hereford.

Top Prices

PRIME HOGGS – CH: £87 Corney Hill Farm; £82 Parks Farm Barn; £81.50 Inverbervie. SUFF: £87 North Farm; £84.50 Hall Croft Barn; £80 Fell End Farm. TEX: £85 North Farm; £81.50 Parks Farm Barn; £80.50 Fell End Farm. CHEV: £80.50 North Farm; £77 Parks Farm Barn; £55 Low Kit Brow. DORS: £79 Corney Hill Farm. ZWART: £78 Humblescough Farm. MULE: £78 West Lynn; £77.50 North Farm; £75 Springs Farm. SCO: £69.50 Tarnwater Farm. SWALE: £67 Marshaw Farm. BEL: £66 Moss House Farm. HAMP: £52 Lower Highfield.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £98 Lower Highfield; £73 Moss Side Farm; £66 Tarnwater Farm. SUFF: £72 Hall Croft Barn; £65 Beaumont Gate; £48 Lee End Farm. MULE: £62 Beaumont Gate; £56 Lower Highfield. HB: £55 Fell End Farm. DALES: £52 Fell End Farm. ZWART: £50 Fell End Farm. HRN: £48 Tarnwater Farm.
CAST RAM – TEX: £87 Lee End Farm SUFF: £80 Fell End Farm. CONT: £78 Fell End Farm.
PRIME HEIFERS – AA: 174.5 Village Farm. HE: 171.5 Village Farm.
PRIME BULLS – BRB: 179.5 Allcocks Farm. FR: 149.5 Allcocks Farm.

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