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Lancaster Monday 11th January

Posted Monday, 11 January 2016, 1.44pm


NWA Lancaster held its weekly sale of prime hoggs on Monday 11th January which sold to a strong trade with all sold averaging 169 p/kg and SQQ 172p/kg. Well finished lambs regularly selling in excess of 180p/kg topping at 193p/kg for first cross Texels for GR Bargh & Co and £85 for Suffolks from TA Blair. Mules/Mashams sold to £76.50 with Swaledales £72. Lighter weight hoggs sold to 169p/kg providing hoggs were finished and not store.
Cast sheep saw an improved trade for a better show forward. Ewes sold to £99 for pure Texels from MJ & K Ayrton with other pens of heavy pure ewes in excess of £90. Mules saw a top price of £73 (averaging £63) and hill ewes to £56 for best meated Swaledales. A small entry of cast rams sold to £119 for a Texel from PD Anderton with Charollais £100.
Prime bulls sold to 180.5p/kg (£1066) for BRB x from E&N Wright & Sons with others 176p/kg. Native breed bulls sold to 169p/kg for Hereford x from GA Haston & Son.

Prime Hoggs - SUFF: £85 Fleetwood Road; £78.50 Booth Hall; £78 Fell End Farm; £77 North Farm. HAMP: £71.50 Rye Close. MULE: £60 Rye Close. CONT: £70 Fell End Farm; £49 Rye Close. MASH: £75 Fell End Farm. MULE: £76.50 Fell End Farm; £7.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £75.50 North Farm; £72 Low Kit Brow. SWAL: £72 Marshaw Farm; £66.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £61 Yates Farm. CHAR: £81 Low Foulshaw Farm; £73.50 Braides Farm; £73 North Farm. CHEV: £75.50 Marshaw Farm. TEX: £82.50 Gibsons Farm; £82 Fleetwood Road; £81.50 Braides Farm; £80.50 Gibsons Farm. LLEYN: £82 Low Foulshaw Farm. DALES: £57 Fell End Farm. GRIT: £63 Deep Clough.

Cast Ewes – MULE: £73 Springfield Farm; £72 South Road; £64 Brown Brook. SWAL: £56 High House Farm. CHAR: £100 Brown Brook; £96 Low Foulshaw Farm; £73 Wyre Farm. TEX: £119 Wyre Farm; £99 Bambers Farm; £75 Brown Brook. LEI: £75 High House Farm.

Prime Bulls – LIM: £175.50 Allcocks Farm. HERE: £169.50 Lane House. BRIT BLUE: £180.50 Allcocks Farm. MON: £160.50 Lane House.

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