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Lancaster Friday 29/01/2015

Posted Friday, 29 January 2016, 4.39pm

Friday 29th January 2015
Store Cattle

The store cattle trade saw cattle within specification sell to a good trade but cattle out of specification either over fat or stunted harder to sell as seen throughout many markets. Lancaster continues to be the place to sell Native cattle with buyers around the ring all ages. Short term bullocks sold to £1270 for Angus’s from W & A Cardwell and R Escolme. Heifers sold to £1170 for a Limousin from M & L Preece of High House Farm. Black and White bullocks noticeable a sharper trade with a few fresh back around the ring.

OTM Cattle

The weekly sale of cast cows had a strong trade for an entry of well fleshed cows forward today. Over 80% of the 99 cows and OTM cattle forward today were Dairy cows with an overall market average of 104ppk. Beef cows sold to a top of 134.5ppk from JA Knipe of Todds farm for Simmental. Best types of black and whites sold around 120ppk topping 124.5ppk with all black and whites forward averaging 100ppk.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

The opening sale of Stirks for 2016 saw a busy ringside of buyers competing for all classes. The entry of 96 calves and stirks topped at £690 for a pair of 8-9m Hereford bullocks from Malcolm Lund, Ingleton. A pair of Charolais bullocks closely followed, realising £680 from JS Taylor, Scotforth. Blue heifers sold to £650 from A Shepherd with younger sorts to £585 for a trio. Blue bullocks sold to £565. Montbelliardes to £510 from F Carr, Arkholme. Black and white bulls sold to a fast trade, topping at £332, for a trio of 5month olds, from Amelia Threlfall, Grimsargh. Younger sorts sold to £240 at 4months from Phillip Wood, Scotforth.
A shortage of calves forward topped at £310 for an Angus Bull from TD & V Whitaker, Winmarleigh. Continental calves to £265 for Blue Bulls and £245 for Blue heifers, both from Phillip Wood. Best sorts of Black and white calves over £100, topping at £120 from Maurice Capstick. Best rearers £70-£95 with younger calves a touch less.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1270 Ivy Barn; £1270 Well House Farm; £1190 Stubbins Farm. LIM: £1260 Millbeck; £1190 Howriggs; £1170 Weavers Farm. SLR: £1260 Millbeck. SIM: £1160 Low Moor Head Farm; £960 Myerscough Hall. BRB: £1190 Cock Hall Farm; £1190 Pasture Barn Farm; £1160 Abbotsons Farm. HE: £1150 Cockrigg Farm; £1080 Rowell Farm; £950 Higher Shuttlingfields Farm. MO: £1140 Moss House Farm. FR: £1070 Downlands Farm; £970 Stubbins Farm; £940 Low Levens. WB: £980 Myerscough Hall. LGH: £930 Cock Hall Farm. SD: £920 Market Street. SHO: £830 Bull Bank Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1170 High House Farm; £1130 Far Orrest; £1080 Manor House Farm. SIM: £1120 Manor House Farm; £900 Cross House Farm. SLR: £1120 Rowell Farm. CH: £1080 Cross House Farm; £1060 Gunnerthwaite; £960 Rowell Farm. HE: £1080 Cockrigg Farm; £980 Windy Hill Farm; £940 Beckside Farm. BRB: £1060 Manor House Farm; £1020 Cross House Farm; £1000 Yeat House. AA: £1060 High Green; £1040 Rowell Farm; £1040 Ivy Barn. MON: £940 Yeat House. FR: £910 Lodge Farm; £800 Stubbins Farm; £800 Netherbeck Barn.
BULL – SIM: £920 Cock Hall Farm. FR: £700 Low Levens.
CAST COWS – BRB: 124.5 Cockrigg Farm; 121.5 Dunkenshaw Farm. SIM: 134.5 Todds Farm; 114.5 Mitchelland Farm. LIM: 131.5 Lower Swainhead Farm; 127.5 Ouzelthorn Farm; 121.5 High House Farm. FR: 124.5 Stubb Place Farm; 124.5 Kitchen Ground Farm; 124.5 Oak Bank. MO: 91.5 White Lund Farm. SRW: 91.5 White Lund Farm; 91.5 Dale Barns.
CAST HEIFERS – FR: 144.5 Strickland Hill Farm; 119.5 Marlholes Farm; 117.5 Gulf Farm. MON: 139.5 Lane House; 134.5 White Lund Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 109.5 Ribby Av.
CAST BULL – LIM: 117.5 Dunkenshaw Farm.
BULL STIRK – SIM: £660 Todds Farm. BRB: £545 Muffys Platt Farm; £475 Redfields. AA: £480 Pasture Barn Farm. LIM: £480 Redfields. MON: £425 Muffys Platt Farm. B GREY: £410 High Ickenthwaite. SHO: £355 High Ickenthwaite Farm. MRI: £335 Sandvilla. FR: £332 Wooptop Farm; £295 Sandvilla. SRW: £310 Sandvilla.
HEIFER STIRK – BRB: £650 Muffys Platt Farm; £585 Oak Avenue; £430 Pasture Barn Farm. SIM: £640 Todds Farm. LIM: £505 Oak Avenue. GA: £280 High Ickenthwaite.
BULLOCK STIRK – HE: £690 Lundholme Farm. CH: £680 Farmdale Road. BRB: £565 Oak Avenue; £530 Redfields; £450 Nissan Huts. MO: £540 Nissan Huts. LIM: £565 Oak Avenue. FR: £200 Nissan Huts.
HEIFER CALF –BRB: £290 Tills Farm; £245 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £205 Forton Hall Farm. AA: £280 Park Lane Farm; £130 Newhouse Farm.
BULL CALF – AA: £310 Park Lane Farm; £245 Tills Farm. BRB: £265 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £250 Forton Hall Farm. FR: £120 Brantbeck Farm; £95 Park Lane Farm; £78 Newhouse Farm.

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