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J36 Tuesday 5th January 2016

Posted Tuesday, 05 January 2016, 5.13pm

The opening weekly sale of prime hoggs saw an average of 163p/kg for all hoggs sold which included a large entry of heavy hoggs in excess if 47kg and light hoggs under 32kg. Well finished hoggs regularly 170p/kg – 180p/kg with buyers showing preference to well sorted pens of sheep and cautions of mixed groups.

A top price of £97 was achieved for Texels from P Cummings with other heavier lambs (45kg – 52kg) £78 - £85. Well finished inside fed lambs easiest sold with buyers showing caution to wet/dirty. Mules sold to a top price of £79 from F&SA Edmondson, others £72 - £75 (average 152p/kg). Hill breeds sold to £71 for cheviots from GH Bell with Swaledales rising in numbers each week and selling to £61.50.

Light hoggs increasing in numbers and selling to a competitive trade providing they are finished and not in store condition. A top price of £56 was achieved for cheviot x from WL & FD Richards with Rough Fells £54.50. Super light hoggs sold to 160p/kg and £51.50.

The weekly sale of cast sheep had a firmer trade then the previous week. A large number of cast ewes on the market nationwide last Tuesday lead to a smaller demand for ewes at Kendal but demand and trade back to usual strength at J36 this week. Well fleshed and big cast tups regularly sold around the one hundred pound mark topping at £104 from JA & CA Gibson of Longwell with a Charollais tup. Continental ewes sold in the eighties with better type of ewes in the nineties topping at £93 from Underley Estate. Best types of Mule ewes sold around the seventy pound mark with plenty of Mule ewes selling in the early sixties. Bigger Horned ewes to around the sixty pound mark with a lot of weathered looking Swaledale ewes selling in the mid to late thirties and lean ewes in the late twenties.

PRIME LAMBSTexel: £97 Holme Field; £86 Millom Castle; £85 St Annes Farm; £84 Underley; £836.50 Mint Close; £83 Low Hall; £82 Low Gregg Hall; £81.50 Hill Top Farm. Suff: £82.50 Netherhouses Farm; £78.50 Fellside Farm; £73 Topthorn Farm. Mule: £79 Netherhouses; £75.50 Barrowfield; £75 Manor House Farm; £73.50 Crabtree Farm. Dorset: £62 Brow Head, Abbey Drive. Swale: £61.50 Middle Sadghyll; £59 Moors Farm; £58.50 Yoad Pot. Rough Fell: £54.50 Rash Mill; £50 Moss House Farm. SBF: £42 Slack Farm. Char: £75 Hill Park; £68.50 Longwell. Chev: £71 Red Lodge; £70 Crooklands Farm; £62 North Farm. Leicester: £71 Scargill Farm; £69 Longwell. Herdwick: £73.50 Netherhouses.
CAST EWES – Suff: £83 Gowan Bank; £77 Ninezergh; £70 Mid Town House. Mule: £71 Low Brundrigg; £69 Millness Hall; £64 Tock How. Swale: £64 Oak House; £42 Low Deepslack; £41 Mid Town House. Rough Fell: £63 Mid Town House; £59 Rash Mill; £56 High Swinklebank. Chev: £76 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £73 Underley; £58 Rash Mill. Texel: £93 Underley; £80 Orphan Crag; £78 Redbank Farm; £76 Wray Farm. Teeswater: £52 Gowan Bank. Herdwick: £37 Tilberthwaite; £33 Low Mill House. Zwart: £25 Warth Sutton Farm.
CAST RAMS – Char: £104 Longwell. Chev: £98 Middle Sadghyll. Texel: £99 Rash Mill. Leic: £99 Middle Sadghyll; £80 Long Streets; £73 Castle Syke. Ryl: £59 Abbey Drive. Suff: £91 High Butterbent. Suff: £77 Gowan Bank. Swale: £73 Manor House Farm. Tees: £73 Gowan Bank. Herd: £44 Tilbethwaite.

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