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J36 Tuesday 12th January 2016

Posted Tuesday, 12 January 2016, 5.03pm

North West Auctions held its opening sale of pigs on Tuesday 12th January and saw an entry of 146 forward in all categories. The sale topped at £106 for best pure Pietrains from PK & R Woof with other prime pigs selling to £100, £97 and generally selling £70 - £80 (75p/kg – 90p/kg) dependant on weight and colour. Less store pigs forward at this sale with weaners selling to £20. This sale saw 146 forward and only 37 pre entered. We strongly advise vendors to pre enter pigs with the office prior to the sale to assist when contacting buyers. North West Auctions will be selling prime pigs on a fortnightly basis now, the next sale will be Tuesday 24th January commencing at 10.30am.

Prime hoggs sold to a top price of £97 for best pure Texel hoggs from TS & SM Park with others £96, £94 x2. Heavy hoggs sold between £28 - £35 over weight, standards £30 upwards dependant on breed. Hill and horned hoggs better to sell with fed hoggs selling to a premium. A top price of 218p/kg was achieved for Texel x from P Cummings, better fed sorts regularly 180p/kg upwards. A market average of 172p/kg was achieved for all sold for hoggs ranging from 24kg to 70kg.

578 cast sheep sold to a pleasing trade with a shortage of best heavy ewes forward today, a top price of £119 for pure Texels with others £82 – 95. Mules sold to £76 with others £62 - £67, leaner sorts mid £50’s. Hill ewes topped at £71 for Rough Fells, Swales into mid £50’s, leanest sorts into late £20’s to mid £30’s. Cast rams sold to £114 for Texels. All cast sheep sold averaged £58.

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £97, £90 Millom Castle; £88 Holme Field; £87.50 Red Scar; £86.50 Low Tarn Green. Beltex: £96, £89 Holme Field; £83 Bowkerstead Farm. Suff: £92 Smithy Green; £89 Netherhouses; £87 Dawson Fold; £85.50 Hollin Hall. Char: £94 Birks Farm; £88 Walnut Hill; £81.50 Bowkerstead Farm.; £78.50 Netherhouses. Leicester: £94 Farm Cottage. Mule: £85 Moss Howe Farm; £79.50 Netherhouses; £75.50 Well Foot; £75 The Galleon. Lleyn: £78.50, £75 Low Foulshaw Farm. Chev: £75.50 Brow Head; £75 Red Lodge; £73 Green Head. Swale: £72.50, £72 Netherhouses; £68.50 Well Foot; £66 Middale Farm. R/Fell: £71.50 Moss Howe Farm; £66.50 Seedhowe Cottages; £65 High Borrowbridge. Herdwick: £65.50 Bowkerstead; £44.50 High Biggarsbank.
CAST EWES – Tex: £119 Millom Castle; £111 Jackson Ground; £110 Grayrigg Foot. Char: £89 Cooilingel Farm; £87 Low Foulshaw; £73 Warth Sutton. Suff: £82 Cooilingel Farm; £68 Ackenthwaite Farm. Mash: £76, £63 Southfield Farm; £65 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £72 Cooilingel Farm; £70 Millom Castle; £69 High Underbrow Farm. R/Fell: £71, £68 Moss End Farm; £60 Woodside. Zwart: £66 Silverhow Farm; £60 Cooilingel Farm. Chev: £65 Hall Bank; £64, £61 Woodside. W’land: £63 High Underbrow. Dors: £61, £60 Cooilingel Farm; £58 Warth Sutton. Swale: £49 St Annes Farm, Nook Farm.
CAST RAMS - Tex: £114 Bowkerstead Farm; £87 Seedhowe Cottage. Leic: £80 Moss Howe Farm; £77 Seedhowe Cottage. R/Fell: £78 Seedhowe Cottage. Belt: £75 Silverhow Farm. Zwart: £60 Silverhow Farm. Char: £65 Matson Farm. Suff: £65 Dunningwell Farm.

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