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J36 Thursday 28th January 2016

Posted Thursday, 28 January 2016, 3.38pm

The weekly sale of calves had an entry of forty forward selling to a better trade then expected especially hearing reports from other local centres this week. Well grown and strong calves of all breeds were eagerly bid for with buyers slightly cautious of buying young calves. Strong beef calves around the £300 mark at six weeks old topping at £335 and £315 from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall for British Blue Bulls with heifers from the same good home selling to £290. Native calves saw well grown Hereford bulls selling to £295 RJ & KR Wilkinson of High Foulshaw Farm. Good thriving beef calves selling in the mid two hundreds. Fleckvieh bull calves sold to £195 from RG & J Clark of Far Audlands. Black and whites mainly young types again saw better sorts selling between £60 and £80.

The fortnightly sale of store hoggs saw an entry of just short of 1000 forward with all sorts selling to full value with buyers keen to purchase all types with orders to fill. Best short keep hoggs easily in excess of £70 topping at £77 for a mixed pen of Suffolk and Texels from TJ Beaty, Stonethwaite with a further 10 lots over £70. Mules/Mashams sold to a top of £63 with others £55 - £60. Hill lambs achieved £59. Medium keep lambs generally £52 - £62 with smallest sorts £40 - £48.

The next sale of store hoggs will be Thursday 11th Feb – Please note this sale will include to fortnightly sale of
In-lamb sheep. We encourage vendors to pre enter sheep to assist in advertising.

£335 & £315 Flodder Hall; £270 Hawkrigg Farm; £260 Elm Tree. Hfd: £295 High Foulshaw Farm; £172 Cinder Barrow. AA: £160 Cinder Barrow; £140 Far Audlands. FKV: £195 Far Audlands. Fr: £78 Elm Tree; £68 Moss House Farm; £60 Low Brundrigg; £58 Sunny Bank. Ayr: £50 Sunny Bank.
HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £290 Flodder Hall; £270 Broomfield Farm; £180 School House.
Lim: £245 High Foulshaw Farm.
STORE HOGGS – Suff: £77 Stonethwaite Farm; £75 West Plain Farm; £70.50 Lentworth Farm; £70 Upp Hall. Texel: £77 Stonethwaite Farm; £75 Cinder Barrow, Upp Hall; £72.50 Gateside Farm; £71.50 Lentworth Farm. Masham: £63 Burney End. Hamp: £62.50 Kate Farm. Mule: £60 West Plain Farm; £57.50 Lentworth Farm, Kate Farm; £56.50 High Wardses. Beltex: £68 Stonethwaite Farm. Char: £44 Barker Knott. Chev: £46 High Arnside Farm; £44 Low Laithe Barn. Horned: £59 Gateside Farm; £42 Crook Hall. Swaledale: £47.50 Audlands Park; £32 Barbon Fell House. Rough Fell: £41 West Plain Farm; £29.50 High Carlingill. Herdwick: £20 Hawes Farm.

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