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J36 Thursday 21st January 2016

Posted Thursday, 21 January 2016, 9.31am

Store Cattle

The 2016 Annual New Tear Prize Show and Sale of Store Cattle saw a good show of cattle put before the days Judge Mr John Bowling of Ashton in Makerfield.

Store Heifer
1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £880 G Bell
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £910 J Bowling
3rd HE & RB Taylforth, Riddings Farm £1000 G Bell

Store Bullock

1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £1220 J Bowling
2nd D Nicholson, Birch Bank £1010 D. Barker
3rd J & J Huck, Garnett House £1060 M. Thompson & Son

The Overall Champion was awarded the Janet Gorst Perpetual Challenge Trophy which was presented by the Family in Janet’s Memory. This year it was awared to a 13 month old Limousin Bullock shown by JG & PH Thompson of Poppy Farm, Selside selling for £1220 to the Judge.

The sale saw a packed ringside of buyers from near and far compete for all classes of cattle and despite the on-going uncertainty of the current beef trade all cattle sold to a strong trade despite being a little easier on the year which fell in line with the national trend, all vendors left well satisfied with their day’s trade. 213 cattle forward.

Next Store Calves, Cast Cows & Store Cattle Sale is the 4th February, entries now been taken.

STORE BULLOCKS –BA: £1240 Causeway Farm. LIM: £1230 Lowgill Farm; £1220 Poppy Farm; £1100 Hollowmire Farm. CH: £1190 Mountain View; £1060 Riddings Farm; £950 High Wray Farm. BRB: £1070 Moors Farm; £880 Forest Hall Farm; £830 Garnett House. HE: £970 West Plain Farm; £760 Bridge Stone. STAB: £800 Scroggs Farm. SHO: £760 Stockber. GA: £760 Bridge Stone. FR: £590 Greaves Farm.
STORE HEIFERS –CH: £1100 Mountain View; £940 Birch Bank; £830 Hollowmire Farm. LIM: £1060 North Lodge; £1030 Mountain View; £980 Causeway Farm. BRB: £1000 Riddings Farm; £940 Blades Farm; £860 North Lodge. BA: £970 North Lodge. BAZ: £900 North Lodge. HE: £790 West Plain Farm. AA: £600 Ellers Farm.
BULL – LIM: £940 Low Newton Farm; £760 Scroggs Farm; £760 Low Newton Farm.

Cast Cows

There was 52 cast cows and clean cattle forward this morning. Cast cows sold to a top price of 175.5ppk for a young Limousin cow off A & E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm. Overall average today 102.18ppk

CAST COWS: FR: 113.5 Kiln Hall; 105.5 Green Dragon Farm; 95.5 Tranthwaite Hall. AA: 117.5 Ellers Farm. LIM: 175.5 Stubb Farm; 155.5 Water Blean; 129.5 Red Scar. ST: 139.5 Kit Crag; 117.5 Causeway Farm. BRB: 123.5 Greenwood Haw; 119.5 Hill Park; 117.5 Water Blean. MON: 97.5 Green Lane End Farm.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 123.5 Low Stanger Thwaite; 101.5 Tranthwaite Hall. LIM: 137.5 Low House.

CAST STEER – LIM: 169.5 Water Blean.

PRIME HEIFER – ST: 183.5 Kit Cragg.

Calf & Stirk

The weekly sale of calves and stirks had an entry just shy of 100 forward. The calf trade generally back from the heights of last autumn but in keeping with other local centres. The calf trade does look positive going forward with the store cattle trade showing signs of improvement and many farmer buyers waiting for their single farm payment then well be back in the market buying calves. Well grown beefs calves could still break the £300 barrier with British blue heifers from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall selling to £350. British blues topped at £340 from Robinson of Greaves Farm and Limousins from JG & BJ Escome selling to £335. Plenty of good beef calves could have been bought around £250 with young beef calves selling between £170 and £200. The black and whites bull calf trade remains very similar with all black and whites averaging £69.54.

Well grown fit stirks in strong demand and well bid for. Angus bulls sold to £635 from DE Metcalfe of Garsdale. G Wilson of Low Field Farm sold British Blue heifers to £565 with five month old black and white bulls selling to £400 from the same home.

BULL CALF – BRB: £340 Greaves Farm; £260 Flodder Hall; £260 Hollins Farm; £240 Heaton Hall Farm. LIM: £335 Low Stanger Thwaite; £255 Spout House; £250 Langley Park; £235 Halforth Farm. FR: £285 Townhead Farm; £140 Low Field Farm. AA: £230 Low Stanger Thwaite; £165 Heaton Hall Farm; £115 Middleton Place Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £350 Flodder Hall; £280 Greaves Farm. LIM: £300 Low Stanger Thwaite; £190 Langley Park; £160 Halforth Farm. AA: £155 Hollins Farm; £155 Heaton Hall Farm; £108 Middleton Place Farm.

BULL STIRK – AA: £625 Railway Cottages. FR: £400 Low Field Farm; £150 Railway Cottages.

HEIFER STIRK – BRB: £565 Low Field Farm.

BULLOCK STIRK – LIM: £550 Mouse Syke.

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