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Lancaster - Primestock - Monday 21st September

Posted Tuesday, 22 September 2015, 4.31pm

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs at Lancaster had an entry of 1369 forward with the trade averaging up at 150ppk, slightly less than expected by a lot of heavy weight lambs forward in the market. Light lambs sold to a top of 184ppk or £62.50 at 34kg from JA & MM Taylor of Lots House Farm. The day’s trade was topped at £84.50 by Ken Kelsall of Brown Brook with a couple of smart heavy weight Texel’s. Heavy weight Mashams sold to £76 from DC Miller of Cobble Hey with 49kg mules selling to £69.50 from WI & A Atkinson & Son of Holme House. Mules generally selling easily £20 plus above weight.

The Cull Ewe trade remains very similar with a smaller entry of 167 forward this week. Strong mule ewes selling in the mid to late £60’s topping at £68 from JM Sanderson of Lower Highfield with Mashams from DC Miller selling to the same price. First cross Texel ewes sold to £83 from JK & BE Townley of Mearsbeck with others selling in the mid to late seventies. Swaledale ewes sold to £41 from WI & A Atkinson & Son of Holme House with plenty of horned ewes selling in the mid to late thirties.

Just the one Prime Bull forward today with more desperately needed at Lancaster. A Montbeliarde from GA Haston of Lane House sold to 169.5ppk.


PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £84.50 Brown Brook; £82 Lentworth Farm; £78 Beaumont Grange Farm. SUFF: £81.50 Oak Head Farm; £79 Maddison Avenue; £75 North Farm. CH: £77 Parks Farm Barn; £72 Redbank Farm; £71.50 North Farm. MASH: £76 Cobble Hey Farm; £71.50 Allcocks Farm. BEL: £73.50 Beaumont Gate Farm. MULE: £69.50 Holme House Farm; £69 Isle of Skye Farm; £68.50 Oak Head Farm. CHEV: £65.50 Cragg Farm. SWALE: £56.50 Sykes Farm. DALES: £62 Yarlsber. CONT: £59 Upper Greenbank.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £83 Mearsbeck Farm; £77 Lower Highfield; £74 Farleton House. SUFF: £74 Maddison Avenue; £63 High Hallbeck. MASH: £68 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE: £68 Lower Highfield; £67 Lentworth Farm; £66 Maddison Avenue. LLEYN: £45 Lentworth Farm. SWALE: £41 Holme House Farm; £39 Cobble Hey Farm.

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