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Lancaster Monday 28th September

Posted Monday, 28 September 2015, 3.00pm

Lancaster Primestock

Spring Lambs

The weekly sale of prime lambs had a reduced entry this week with just shy of a thousand being sold. Following the ethnic festival of EID at the end of last week trade was slightly less averaging 143ppk. Although this was reflected in many hill bred lambs forward and buyers extremely cautious of lambs under finished with vendors strongly advised to ensure lambs well finished to gain full finical benefit from their crop of lambs. Well finished lambs of all types good too sell with better types of Beltex lambs selling to of £86.50 or another pen selling to 179ppk both from Andrew Foy of Conder Green. Standard weight continental lambs well fleshed sold easily between 150ppk and 155ppk. Mule and Masham lambs selling three to four pound back on the previous week selling to £65 from D France of Isle of Skye.

Cast Sheep

A lesser entry of ewes this morning with just over 70 forward. Trade topped at £88 for a pen of four smart Beltex ewes from GR & A Foy, Conder Green. Mules sold to a top of £64 for a trio from M & RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe, to average £55.60. Horned ewes to £47 for a swales from WI & A Atkinson & Son and also from the same home to £44. Overall average of £52.70 for all forward.

Prime Beef

Just the one prime bull forward today with more desperately needed at Lancaster. A Montbeliarde from GA Haston of Lane House sold to 171.5ppk. a couple of Angus heifers from Peter and Anne Bell of Village Farm sold to 187.5ppk and a heifer heavier sold to £1,018.

PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £86.50 Parkside Farm; £81.50 Beaumont Gate; £72.50 Isle of Skye Farm. SUFF: £80.50 Beaumont Gate; £71 Knowsley Farm; £64.50 Hallbeck.BEL: £77 Parkside Farm. CH: £69.50 Beaumont Gate; £53.50 Ancliffe Hall Farm. MULE: £65 Isle of Skye Farm; £62 Holme House Farm; £61 High House Farm. CHEV: £63.50 Cragg Farm. MASH: £63 Holme House Farm. DORS: £56.50 Corney Hill Farm. SWALE: £50 Appletree Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £88 Parkside Farm; £68 Wyre Farm; £67 Carr House Farm. LLYEN: £64 Low Pleasant. MASH: £64 Station Hotel; £62 Wyre Farm; £61 High House Farm. DORS: £60 Corney Hill Farm. SWALE: £47 Holme House Farm; £36 Fell End Farm. HRN: £40 Isle of Skye Farm. GOAT: £39 Cockerman Boers.

PRIME BULLS: MON: 171.5 Lane House.
CLEAN CATTLE: AA: 187.5 Village Farm

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