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Lancaster Friday 25/09/2015

Posted Friday, 25 September 2015, 3.48pm

Caption: Stuart Cornthwaite and his Champion pen of Bullocks which sold for £1370.

Store Cattle

The Annual Farmers Guardian Show and Sale of bullocks at Lancaster had a catalogued entry of 442 forward. Judge Rob Moran of Hellifield cast his expert eye over the pens out to show, before awarding the first place rosette to Stuart & Joan Cornthwaite of Caton with a pen of 4 Limousins which later sold for £1370, to the judge.

There was a good show of cattle throughout today, with trade topping at £1420 for a pair of Lim bullocks, again from S & JE Cornthwaite. A total of n22 beats sold in excess of £1300, with a 100% clearance achieved. Heifers sold to a top of £1310 from D & E Whitaker, Littlefell Farm.

Angus bullocks sold to a top of £1310, from T & M Halhead, Upp Hall with Angus heifers selling to £1170 from EW & CR Clegg & Sons, Yew Tree Farm. Friesian bullocks to £1050 from Cowell & Moore, Woodplumpton.

Annual Farmers Guardian Show of 4 Bullocks Results

1st S & JE Cornthwaite, Caton - £1370
2nd M & L Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale - £1220
3rd W & T Danson & Son, Pilling - £1080

Cast Cows

A dip in deadweight prices didn’t have any effect on the live ring trade, with plainer cows sharper on the week. Meaty cows a similar trade to last week. OTMs topped at 167.5ppk for a cast Sim Bull from Barlow Brothers, Croston. Black and Whites sold to 137.5ppk for a Heifer from Lawsons farm Ltd, Cockerham. Black and White cows to 134.5ppk from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son, Mansergh as well as MJ & H Atkinson, Quernmore.


One of the biggest entries of the year, with 91 forward. Twenty one blue bulls forward, topping at £410 for a Blue Bull from Steven Robinson. Thirteen Blue heifers forward to £350 from the same home. Native bred calves to £290 for Angus Bulls from Wallbank Farms Ltd, heifers to £275 from the same home. Herefords to £280 from Mason Birkland Barrow. Black and Whites to £172 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cockerham, the best over £100 to average £68 for all forward.

Store Lambs

An entry of 81 store lambs saw mules sell to £49 from PD Pye, Abbeystead. Other hill going breeds sold to £48 for Cheviots from SE & J Gorst, Littledale. Texels to £50.50 from MJ Joel, Dolphinholme. More needed at Hill Fair Day on Saturday 3rd October to meet buyers demand.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS: LIM: £1420 Lane House Farm; £1280 Old Woodhouse; £1220 High House Farm. CH: £1380 Lane House Farm; £1300 Squires Gate Farm; £1190 Rowell Farm. MO: £1370 Newsham Hall Farm; £1140 Rowell Farm; £1050 Fanny House Farm. SIM: £1360 Upp Hall; £1340 High Fell Gate; £1290 Upp Hall. BRB: £1350 High House Farm; £1290 Fern Lea; £1230 Gibraltar Farm. AA: £1310 Upp Hall; £1290 Woodside Farm; £1280 Godson House Farm. SHO: £1220 Lane House Farm. WB: £1220 Lane House Farm; £940 Hawkrigg End. HE: £1170 Lane House Farm; £1120 Lancaster Road; £1060 Windy Hill Farm. SRW: £1180 Fanny House Farm. FKV: £1090 Carlingwha. BAZ: £1080 Yarlsber. FR: £1050 Newsham Hall Farm; £980 Long Streets Farm; £980 Moss House Farm.
STORE HEIFERS: LIM: £1310 Little Fell Farm; £1090 Cragg Farm; £1080 Blades Farm. CH: £1170 Rowell Farm; £1160 Fell End Farm; £890 Old Hall Farm. AA: £1170 Yew Tree Farm; £1120 Cragg Farm; £1060 Croppers Farm. HE: £1120 Cragg Farm; £1070 Newsham Hall Farm; £960 Raw Head. BRB: £1030 Rowell Farm; £970 King Bank Farm; £890 Mee Farm. BA: £1110 Blades Farm. SIM: £1000 Blades Farm; £900 Myerscough Hall; £680 Ivy Farm. WB: £900 Myerscough Hall.
BULL: LIM: £980 Houlker Barn Farm; £890 Norbreck Farm. FR: £870 Barn Hill Farm.

CAST COW: LIM: 139.5 Daniel Fold Farm; 127.5 Hill Top Farm; 127.5 Farleton House. SIM: 139.5 Littlewood Hall Farm; 109.5 Gateside Farm. AA: 137.5 Steel Croft; 124.5 Barn Owl Farm; 124.5 Post Office Farm. FR: 134.5 Holme House Farm; 134.5 Westfield House Farm; 129.5 Tills Farm. BRB: 129.5 Low Pleasant.
CAST HEIFER: FR: 137.5 Sweetings Farm; 124.5 North Farm; 119.5 Batty Hill.
CAST STEER: FR: 119.5 Barn Owl Farm; 117.5 Clifton’s Farm.

HEIFER CALF: BRB: £350 Longber Farm; £330 Boldens Farm; £300 School House. LIM: £310 Longber Farm. AA: £275 Tills Farm. SIM: £230 Cote Farm. HE: £220 Birkland Barrow.
BULL CALF: BRB: £410 Longber Farm; £375 Birks Farm; £370 Longber Farm. LIM: £300 North Farm. AA: £290 Tills Farm; £220 Knowsley Farm. HE: £280 Birkland Barrow.MO: £255 Hatters Farm. FR: £172 Cocker House Farm; £145 Tills Farm; £130 Brantbeck Farm
BULLOCK CALF: BRB: £270 Cote Farm. LIM: £150 Cote Farm.
BULL STIRK: SIM: £470 Gateside Farm. MO: £200 Sellerley Farm. FR: £185 Sellerley Farm.
HEIFER STIRK: BRB: £400 Hill Top Farm. 

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