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Lancaster Friday 18th September

Posted Friday, 18 September 2015, 3.38pm

Store Cattle

A mixed show of cattle forward this morning. Cattle carrying flesh sold well, topping at £1410 for a trio of Limousins from MS Dugdale & Son, Tewitfield. Native bred bullocks topped at £1380 from the same home, with a 26month Angus. Native bred heifers to £1120 from Redmayne Bros, Cuerdale Hall. A run of yearling Angus Bullocks from J Ridding sold to £730. Friesian bullocks to £1070 for the second to last bullock through the ring from A Kirkby & Co, Pilling.

Cast Cows

A mixed show of cast cows forward this morning at Lancaster with plenty of parlour cows about. More meaty cows forward in comparison to last week, selling to a sharper trade. Topping the sale was R Oldfield with a Limousin cast heifer realising 194.5ppk. Top gross came from EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet with a Blonde bull achieving £1332. Dairy cows sold to a top of 149.5ppk from J & G Thornley Ltd, Kirkham, dairy heifers also sold to the same price from Messers Drinkall Bros. Overall average of 105.38ppk for all forward.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

A nice show of calves forward this morning saw calves top at £388 for a Blue Heifer from D Wightman and Blue Bulls to £385 from new vendors Kevin and Dorothy Kelsall, Chipping. A good run of Angus and Hereford calves sold to £380 for Angus Bulls, £318 for Angus Heifers, both from David & Eileen Wallbank. Herefords sold to £295 for both Heifers and Bulls from Steve Mason. Black and Whites faster this morning topping at £145 again from Messers Kelsall, best calves in escess of £100 with nice rearing calves £50-£80 depending on size. Overall average of £97 for all B&Ws forward. A run of stirks saw Charollais at 4months sell to £630 for heifers and £600 for Bullocks from TW & BH Woodhouse, Roeburndale.

Top Prices

Store cattle: FRI: £1070 Gulf Farm; £1020 Low Levens; £1000 Park Farm. ANG: £1380 Tewitfield Farm; £1300 Bainsbank Farm. SHO: £500 Springfield Farm. MRI: £940 Littlewood Hall Farm. LIM: £1410 Tewitfield Farm. OTHER: £830 Bibbys Farm; £720 Holme Head. CHAR: £1370 Low Levens; £1340 Kilburn House; £1180 Jolley Fold Farm. HERE: £1160 Hill Top; £1100 High House Farm. SIM: £900 Overhouses; £750 Stonehead. BRIT BLUE: £1300 Greenbank Farm; £1300 Throstle Grove Farm; £1270 Church Street. MON: £1210 North Farm; £1090 Middle Grange Farm; £880 Holme Head. NOR: £910 Nineezergh; £720 Holme Head. FKV: £1090 Ninezergh; £1070 Carlingwha. BLO: £1170 Kilburn; £1020 Hoskinshire.
HFR: FRI: £640 Tunsteads Farm. ANG: £1220 Cuerdale Hall Farm; £1080 Blakey Hey Farm; £1040 Kimberley Avenue. LIM: £1120 Greenlands Farm; £1080 Brow Foot Farm; £1070 Lodge Cottage. CHAR: £1260 Elmridge Farm; £900 Higher Broomfield. HERE: £1090 Brow Foot Farm; £1040 Mill House Farm; £870 High House Farm. SIM: £1050 Jolley Fold Farm; £1040 Kimberley Avenue; £880 Corney Hill Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1200 Sowermire; £1140 Hill Top; £1020 Slack Farm. BULL: £550 Greenhurst Farm.

OTM COWS FRI: 149.5 DERBY Lodge Farm; 141.5 Norbreck Farm; 137.5 Old Hall Farm. ANG: 169.5 Steel Croft; 54.5 Middle Slater. LIM: 147.5 Red Scar; 141.5 Lane Head Farm. HERE: 139.5 High House Farm. SIM: 127.5 Hartrigg; 111.5 Lane Head Farm. SRW: 77.5 Manor House Farm. BB: 129.5 Botton Hall Farm; 79.5 Farleton House.
OTM HFR: FRI: 149.5 Catshaw Hall Farm; 144.5 Holly House Farm; 139.5 Lane Ends Farm. LIM: 194.5 Brow foot Farm.
CAST STEER: FRI: 114.5 Cliftons Farm.
CAST BULL: 139.5 Intack Farm.

HFR CALF: £318 Tills Farm. HERE: £295 Birkland Barrow. BRIT BLUE: £388 Moss Side Farm.
BULL CALF: FRI: £145 Little Blindhurst; £138 Brown Brook. ANG: £430 Muffys Platt Farm; £380 Tills Farm; £360 Moss Side Farm. HERE: £295 Birkland Barrow. BRIT BLUE: £440 Muffys Platt Farm; £385 Little Blindhurst. MON: £440 Muffys Platt Farm.
BULL STIRK: CHAR: £555 Middle Salter. HFR STIRK: LIM: £380 Middle Salter. STR STIRK: CHAR: £600 Middle Salter.

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