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Lancaster Friday 11th September 2015

Posted Friday, 11 September 2015, 3.42pm

788 head of cattle and sheep pass through 4 rings at busy Lancaster Weekly Sale.

Cast Cows

A big entry of 113 cows this morning, however, a somewhat plain show with a very big shortage of meaty cows. Topping the day was C Hargreaves & Son, Middleton, with a Blue Bull realising 184.5ppk. Top gross was Ballacutchel farms with a Simmental Bull totalling just shy of £1350. Friesian cows sold to a top of 129.5ppk on three occasions from Drinkall Bros, JS & KM Wilson & Son and J & G Thornley Ltd.

Store Cattle

A good show of store cattle forward today with some cracking runs of cattle form a number of vendors. The edge ever so slightly off today, with one or two buyers missing ringside due to harvest commitments. Opening the sale was a run of cows and calves, selling to a top of £1280 for a Simmental cow and bull calf. Charollais’ led the way in the store sale, with the top price coming from GB, JE & DJ Platts, Caton with a 23month bullock achieving £1480. Angus bullocks to £1400 for a pair from Joe Davis, Weavers Farm. Heifers sold to £1240 for a pair of Blues from Jim Cottam. A run of pure Limousins from Nether Hall Farms sold to £1150 at 16months for bullocks.


A better show of calves this week, with buyers present for all classes. A run of blues from S & IA Robinson sold to £420 for Bulls and £405 for Heifers. Native bred calves to £395 for Hereford Bulls from Drinkall bros and £340 for Angus Bulls from David Wallbank. Black and Whites to a top of £120 again from Messers Wallbank. Best B&Ws in advance of £90 with nice rearing calves £50-£80, an overall average of £82 for all Holstein calves forward.

Store Lambs

A good show of store lambs forward at the fortnightly Lancaster Sale, with 169 going under the hammer. Texels sold to a top of £53 for a pen of 8 from G & D Ball & Son, Great Eccleston, with others to £51.50 from Peter Pye, Abbeystead. Mules from the same home to £47.50. overall average of £43.50 for all lambs forward.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1480 Greenbank Farm; £250 Crooklands Farm; £1170 Lodge Farm. AA: £1400 Weavers Farm; £1280 Godson House Farm; £1260 Cuerdale Hall Farm. LIM: £1320 Forton Bank Farm; £1300 Kilburn House; £1290 Lynwood. BRB: £1300 Godson House Farm; £1250 Crooklands Farm; £1220 Gibraltar Farm. FKV: £1260 Daniel Fold Farm; £1060 Carlingwha. SIM: £1210 King Bank Farm; £1200 Clawthorpe Lodge; £1160 Myerscough Hall. HE: £1200 Daniel Fold Farm; £1110 North Farm; £1100 Low Barrows Green. MO: £1150 North Farm; £940 Carlingwha. WB: £1130 Forton Bank Farm. SHO: £970 Deansbiggin; £850 Jolley Fold Farm. FR: £940 Wyre Farm; £920 Yew Tree Farm; £900 Low Levens.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1240 Hill Top; £1080 Adamsons Farm; £1040 Hawkrigg End. LIM: £1130 High Underbrow Farm; £1100 Low Levens; £1070 Church Street. AA: £1100 Low Levensl £1080 Beaumont Gate; £1080 Forton Bank Farm. SIM: £1070 Bull Bank Farm; £1030 King Bank Farm; £1020 Moss View. WB: £1050 Croppers Farm. CH: £1000 High House; £980 Lane House; £900 Old Hall Farm. HE: £960 Moss View; £920 Windy Hill Farm; £920 Mill House Farm. FR: £940 High House; £850 Downlands Farm.

CAST COW – LIM: 174.5 Nether Hall Farm; 147.5 Red Scar; 127.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. BRB: 147.5 Red Scar; 117.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. FR: 144.5 Tunstall Hall; 129.5 Derby Lodge; 129.5 High House. SD: 139.5 Goose Green. AA: 121.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

CAST HEIFER – BRB: 181.5 Sunderland Brows Farm. AA: 139.5 Sunderland Bros Farm. FR: 119.5 Sunderland Brows Farm; 107.5 Higher Shuttlingfields Farm.

CAST STEER – BA: 169.5 Bradlow Farm. FR: 139.5 Sunderland Brows Farm. LIM: 124.5 Bradlow Farm.

CAST BULL – SIM: 139.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. CH: 129.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. AA: 104.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. FR: 99.5 Fleets Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £405 Longber Farm; £280 Stubb Hall Farm. LIM: £228 North Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £420 Longber Farm; £375 Stubb Hall Farm. HE:£395 Catahaw Hall Farm. AA: £340 Tills Farm. FR: £305 Tills Farm; £112 Whinney Carr Farm; £112 Knowsley Farm. LIM: £265 Ballacutchel Farms.

BULL STIRK: FR: £315 Hall o’th Hill Farm; £185 Sandvilla. MO: £460 Hall o’th Hill Farm. SRW: £140 Sandvilla.

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