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Lancaster Friday 04/09/2015

Posted Friday, 04 September 2015, 4.10pm

Store Cattle

A good show of store cattle this morning, with more meaty cattle put before the normal contingent of buyers. A sharper trade throughout for all cattle, with H Burkett & Son, Overton, selling a tri of Charollais to £1400. J & CG Redmayne sold a pen of 7 Angus Bullocks to £1290. Heifers to £1300 for a Blue from JD & GM Bracken, Garstang. Friesians sold to £1020 from T & E Burrow, Slyne.

Cast Cows

All classes of cast cows a sharper trade, especially meaty cows. SJ & R Handley, Carnforth topped trade, with a Limousin cow achieving 147.5ppk or £1122. Black and Whites sold to 144.5ppk from MG & J Parker, Lodge Farm, with an OTM Heifer. Black and White cows to 139.5ppk from C & AJ Woodhouse, Millom.

Rearing Calves

A small entry of calves this morning unfortunately with both buyers and sellers pushing to get the last of their crop. Black and Whites calves sold to a flying trade, topping at £178 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House, with a run of 5 exceptional calves from Messers Smith to average £170. Best calves regularly up and over £140 with younger sorts £62-£100. Only a handful of beef calves sold to £325 for a Charollais Bull from EA & E Lund, Pump House and Angus Bulls to £285 from Wallbank Farms. A few Black and White stirks from Jones Sandvilla sold to £235.

Lancaster Breeding Sheep

The second sale of breeding ewes and gimmer shearlings at Lancaster plus the sale of breeding rams had a good trade throughout with a virtually 100% clearance. Breeding rams sold to £320 for a shapely Beltex cross from Matthew Joel of Dolphinholme. Suffolk rams twice sold to £300 both from David Preston of Caton. Regular consigner Alison Lee of Arkholme sold strong Charollais rams to £260.

A small entry of breeding ewes saw all ewes selling to their value, with Texel two crop ewes selling to £111 and £116 for Suffolk 2 crop ewes both from David Preston of Caton. Mule shearlings in strong demand and eagerly bid for topping at £138 from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck, with others to £137 from EI Wilson of Flookburgh with a respectable sale average of £127. Suffolk shearlings topped at £115 from BJ Bowness of Blea Tarn.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1400 North Farm; £1260 Crooklands Farm; £1150 Stirzakers Farm. LIM: £1360 Lynwood; £1310 Kilburn House; £1300 Greenlands Farm. BRB: £1300 Crooklands Farm; £1270 Cracalt Farm; £1260 Adomsons Farm. AA: £1290 Park Farm; £1290 Lower House Farm; £1260 Godson House Farm. SIM: £1240 Longlands Farm; £1230 King Bank Farm; £1200 High Underbarrow Farm. WB: £1220 Scotch Green Farm; £1050 Church Farm. MO: £1160 Fanny House Farm. HE: £1160 Windy Hill Farm; £1110 Moss View; £1080 Longlands Farm. FR: £1020 Throstle Grove Farm; £1010 Low Levens; £1000 Whinney Garth. SHO: £1020 Jolley Fold Farm; £1000 Hawkrigg End. BS: £1020 Jolley Fold Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1300 Greenlands Farm; £1240 Yew Tree Farm; £1230 Greenlands Farm. LIM: £1260 High Underbarrow Farm; £1110 Fern Lea; £1100 Lodge Farm. AA: £1190 Park Farm; £1080 Moss View; £1080 Beaumont Gate. HE: £1180 Hodkingshire Farm; £1140 Manor House Farm; £1030 Fell End Farm.MO: £1090 Low Stanger Thwaite. SIM: £1060 Manor House Farm; £1050 Bull Bank Farm. SHO: £960 Jolley Fold Farm. FR: £940 Marlholes Farm; £870 Higher Lees Farm.

CAST COW – FR: 139.5 Stubb Place Farm; 131.5 High House; 129.5 Mill Farm. LIM: 147.5 Thornton Hall.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 144.5 Lodge Farm; 121.5 Lawsons Farm; 111.5 Hole of Ellel.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £230 Tills Farm. BRB: £250 Hatters Farm.

BULL CALF – FR: £178 Cocker House Farm; £150 Tills Farm; £145 Newhouse Farm. AA: £285 Tills Farm. CH: £325 Pump House Farm. MO: £195 Hatters Farm.

BULL STIRK – FR: £235 Sandvilla. SRW: £225 Sandvilla.

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