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J36 Tuesday 8th September 2015

Posted Tuesday, 08 September 2015, 9.21am

Prime Lambs
The Weekly sale of prime lambs saw best meated lambs 150p/kg – 170p/kg topping at 179p/kg for Texel x from WJ & LA Barker, heavy weight lambs 130p/kg – 145p/kg. A market average of 146p/kg was achieved for all sold with weights ranging from 31kgs to 58kgs. A top price of £77.50 per head was paid for a pen of Texels from AR & CA Fawcett. Mules topped at £64.50 (144p/kg) and pure hill lambs £57.50 (Rough Fell).

Buyers continue to show caution to under finished and non-farm assured lambs.

Cast Ewes
The cast ewe trade at J36 was slightly sharper today than that of the previous week. Some better quality Continental ewes forward sold to £103 from I Ridding of Old Hutton with plenty of ewes selling into the nineties. Mule ewes generally selling in the late sixties, with better types of ewes selling to £74 from J Fell of Old Hutton. Rough Fell ewes sold to £60 from W Atkinson & Son of Low Fold, smaller plainer ewes in strong demand especially feeding ewes.

With 140 pigs forward prices were slightly depressed with good quality finished pigs selling to £125 per head from J Woodburn and Partners, Mansrigg Hall, £118 from R Strong, Row Moor, £102 A Horn, Lower Grisburn. Sows sold to £60 from J Woodburn, £55 JH & E Ivenson, Plumpton Foot. Weaners were harder to move topping at £32 per head for a nice pen of coloured weaners from DB & RM Willison, Moffinber.

PRIME LAMBSTexel: £77.50 Silverhow Farm; £76 Arklid Farm; £73.50 Sandy Gap Cottage; £73 Orchard Barn. Char: £74.50 Trees Farm; £73.50 Gibraltar Farm; £73 Myers Farm. Suff: £76.50 Hawes Farm; £75.50 Netherhouses Farm; £73.50 Arklid Farm; £69.50 Mountain View. Mule: £64.50 The Borrans; £63 Fellside Farm; £62.50 Croft Foot; £62 Seedhowe. Chev: £63 Seedhowe; £63 Underley. Hamp: £63 Brow Head. Swale: £63 Buck Bank; £50 Overthwaite. Rough Fell: £57.50 Abbey Farm; £57 Croft Foot Farm.
CAST SHEEP: Tex: £103, £92 Orchard Barn; £98, £96, £94 Silverhow Farm. Suff: £78 Crooklands Farm; £77, £69 Ninezergh; £64 Wreay Syke. Char: £88 Silverhow Farm; £69 Greenlands; £65 Silverhow Farm. Chev: £80 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £59 Seedhowe Cottage. Tees: £79 Greenlands. Mule: £74 Wreay Syke; £68 Orchard Barn, Ashtree Cottage; £66 Bramaskew, Low Fold, Bull Bank, Singleton Park. Rough Fell: £60 Low Fold; £59 Nook Farm. Swale: £33 Low Newton Farm.

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