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J36 Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Posted Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 10.51am

The Weekly sale of Prime Sheep saw 3,261 forward before a ringside of 12 buyers competing for all types and classes.

Prime Lambs
Best meated lambs were easiest sold generally £66-£71 depending of weight and breed topping at £76 for a pen of Charollais x lambs from Freddy Lamb of Thurnham. Mules sold to £68.50 and Horned lambs £55. Well bred lambs sold to 176p/kg for Texel x from a strong run of lambs from SP Pease, Kirkby Lonsdale. Buyers cautious of underfinished lambs, please draw lambs carefully to ensure they can be sold to full value. An overall market average of 152p/kg was achieved for lambs ranging from 33kg to 59kg.

Cast Sheep
The weekly sale of cast ewes again saw another strong entry of 795 forward in front of a busy ring of active buyers. Texel tups sold to a top of £99 from SW Atkinson & Son of Cappelrigg Farm who also sold Texel ewes to £87. Generally big Continental and Suffolk ewes selling easily past the eighty pound mark. Big Mule ewes sold to a top of £70 with plenty of strong ewes selling in the late sixties with many plainer pens about resulting in an average of £54.90 for all Mules forward. Big Rough Fell ewes easily selling in the fifties topping at £59 from GT Hodgson of High Low Wood, with Swale ewes selling to £51 from JW Thwaites of Eskew Beck.

PRIME LAMBSChar: £76 Gardners Farm; £72.50 Myers Farm; £72 Cross Hill Cottage. Texel: £75.50 Brentwood Farm; £74.50 Thwaitrigg End, Edenbrook House, Benson Hall; £74 Arklid Farm, Beaumont Grange Farm; £72.50 Endmoor Farm, Hill Park, Crabtree Farm. Suff: £71.50 Thwaiterigg End, Low Brundrigg; £71 Smithy Green, Meadow Oaks; £70 Arklid Farm, Birks Farm. Mule: £68.50 Low Scale; £67.50 Hole House; £67.50 Low House, Strickland Hill. Masham: £61.50 Steps Farm; £61 Marsh Grange. Dorset: £64.50 Greenlands Farm; £58.50 Brow Head. Ryeland: £57.50 Stoney Well House. Swale: £52.50 Lunds Farm. Lleyn: £68.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicester: £68 The Borrans. Dales: £55 Fell End.

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £99 (ram) Capplerigg Farm; £87 Capplerigg Farm; £86 Storth End Farm; £80 Kirkett Nook. Suff: £80 Thwaiterigg End; £75 Moss Howe; £73 Topthorn Farm; £72 Underley. Mule: £70 Benson Hall, Endmoor Farm; £68 Wyke Farm, Hodgson Green Farm, Birks Farm, Capplerigg Farm; £67 Redhills. Masham: £62 Bull Bank. Char: £79 Cross Hill Cottage. Chev: £69 Underley; £68 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £54 Kate Farm. Rough Fell: £59 High Low Wood; £58 (ram) Steps Farm; £58 Hall Farm; £51 Howes Lodge. Swale: £51 Eskewbeck; £50 Fellside Farm. Lleyn: £56 Ellers Farm. Leicester: £78 (ram) Barrowfield; £75 Moss Howe. Dales: £44 Fell End. Grit: £50 Hole House. Herdwick: £36 Charley Crag; £35 Old Hall.

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