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J36 Tuesday 15th September 2015

Posted Wednesday, 16 September 2015, 10.22am

Rising trade at NWA J36

An entry of 3165 Prime Sheep sold to an improved trade, averaging 151.6p/kg for all lambs sold, which included a large portion of heavy lambs (46kg+). Lambs sold to £80 for Char x from T W Nelson & Son, with other heavies regularly £72 - £79.

Hill lambs were forward in greater numbers, with Mules selling to £72, Cheviots £67.50 and Swaledales £52.

Best ¾ bred lambs sold to 183p/kg from J G & B J Escolme, with others regularly 162-175p/kg. Mules averaged 143p/kg, with buyers keen to secure well finished lambs.

10 buyers ringside on a weekly basis at NWA J36, eager to buy lambs of all types.

Cast Sheep

A slightly stronger trade today for all types of cast sheep, with over 750 ewes forward. Buyers continue to look for fit ewes but are very cautious of over-fat sheep. Strong continental, first cross ewes sold in the eighties, with better types of ewes selling into the nineties, topping at £97 from E Dodgson of Spital Farm. Mule ewes sold to £74 from RW Nicholson of Green Lane End and JL Bird of West Bird Farm, with plenty of strong Mule ewes selling between £68 and £71.

An overall average of £59.78 for Mule ewes. Rough Fell ewes sold to £66 from BJ Bainbridge of Shap, with other big ewes in early sixties. Swaledale ewes sold to £55 from Frank Edmondson of Ulverston, with other fit Swales still selling into the forties.

Top Prices:

Prime Lambs: Suff: £80 Crooklands Brow; £79, £78 Netherhouses Farm; £77 Old Hyton Farm; £76.50 Dunningwell Farm. Char: £80, £73 Cockrigg Farm; £75 Floraire; £73 Trees Farm; £72.50 Gibraltar Farm. Tex: £79.50 Rankthorn; £79 Masongill Hall; £77 Owl Nook; £76 Blea Tarn, Dale House. Mule: £72, £67 Black Bull Farm; £69.50 Birkhaw; £67.50 Greenwood Haw; £66.50 Mosergh Farm. Chev: £67.50, £66 Green Lane End; £66.50 High Borrowbridge; £64 Underley Estate; £60 Seedhowe Cottages. Mash: £60.50 Steps Farm. Herd: £54, £50 Gowan Bank Farm.

Cast Sheep: Tex: £97 Spital Farm; £90 Gilthwaite Farm; £89 Little Close; £86 Underley Estate; £84 Oldfield End. Suff: £86 Old Hyton Farm; £84, £75 Gilthwaite Farm; £84 Lambrigg Head Farm; £76 Gowan Bank. Char: £81 Hill Farm. Chev: £76, £69 Hill Farm; £76 Green Lane End Farm; £67 School House, Underley Estate. Leic: £75 Preston Patrick Hall. Mule: £74 Green Lane End, West Plain Farm; £71 Cinder Barrow, Rinkfield; £70 Gilthwaite Farm. RFell: £66 Steps Farm; £60 Low Deepslack, Birkhaw; £58 Lockbank Farm. Swale: £55 Netherhouses Farm; £46 Oak Head Farm; £45 Preston Patrick Hall. Herd: £41 Hill Farm; £40 Tarn Foot.

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