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J36 Rough Fell Sheep & Other Hill Breed Females - 25th September

Posted Monday, 28 September 2015, 10.44am

Caption: First Prize & Champion Pen of Rough Fell Ewes with Judge William Dawson (left) and Vendor Norman Dodd (right)


The Annual Show & Sale of Rough Fell Ewes, Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs saw a rise in prices achieved with vendors leaving very suited with the day’s trade.

The pre-sale judging was conducted by Mr William Dawson of Sedbergh who awarded the championship rosette to NC & S Dodd, Flakebridge showing a pen of 3 crop ewes which were also awarded the North Sheep Trophy and The Rayne Cup. These later sold for a top price, for a pen of sheep, at £125 per head. The sale was lead however, by a flock dispersal on behalf of H Harrison, Brookfield who sold individual 2 crop ewes at £170, £160.

Revived interest in the breed saw well bodied ewes regularly £92 - £105 (averaging £83), shearlings £90-£100 (averaged £81) and gimmer lambs £58 - £64 (averaged £59).

Judge: Mr William Dawson, Sedbergh

Class 1 – Pen of 10 Rough Fell Ewes
1st NC & S Dodd, Flakebridge (3crop)
2nd S Hoggarth, Birkhaw (3crop)
3rd W Beck, Barugh House (3 crop)

Class 2 – Pen of 10 Rough Fell Shearlings
1st W Beck, Barugh House
2nd GH Capstick & Sons, Birkhaw
3rd JW & M Blades, The Whins

Class 3 – Pen of 10 Rough Fell Gimmer Lambs
1st E & K Bland, Cotegill
2nd J Allen, Syke Farm
3rd E & K Bland, Cotegill

Class 4 – Pen of 3 Rough Fell Breeding Sheep
1st V Guy, Whinfell Terrace
2nd AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm
3rd S Harley, Barnaby Rudge

Champion – NC & S Dodd, Flakebridge (first prize Ewes)
Reserve – E & K Bland Gotegill (first prize Gimmer Lambs)

Top Prices Rough Fell Sheep
Shearlings: £120 Poppy Farm; £99 & £96 Brookfield; £95 Flakebridge; £94 The Whinns; £92 High Bethicar, Croft Cottage.
Ewes: £170, £160, £128 (2c), £100 (1c), £92 (2c) Brookfield; £125, £94 (3c) Flakebridge; £110 (3c) Birkhaw; £108, £106, £95 (3c) Barugh House; £105, £102 (2c) £97 (3c) Brockstones; £100 (3c) Whinfell Terrace; £100 Whinfell Terrace
Gimmer Lambs: £88, £82 Galloper Park; £88, £75 Cotegill Farm; £64 Rash Mill, Croft Cottage; £62 Syke Farm.

Other Hill Breeding Sheep saw 3 crop Cheviot Ewes sell to £78 (x2) with 3 crop Herdwick ewes £70 and Scotch Blackface ewes £71.

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